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  • Ol' Blues Ol' Blues Jan 1, 2013 9:00 AM Flag

    Pick 10 keepers

    Given your roster yours may be a league that hoards QBs, but, even with that allowance, mine would be Foster, MJD, LeShoure, Richardson, Foles, Gonzo, Shorts, Jennings, Stevie, and I don't see a 10th that I would want to keep.

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    • Yes... QB hording, thats why I snagged up Pryor. These fools also hoard kickers. The only one available for my bye week was the chump from Carolina

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      • don't know if you have to pick your keepers yet but hope not. agree w/what most said but you have a qb dilemma for sure. chatter is iggles might go after pryor. if so, where does that leave both him and foles? who knows where weeden will end up? AND you said the league hoards qb's. if so then i'd definitely keep 2 qb's.

        just keep an eye on where these qb's end up. looks like pryor might be the fav under kelly if he can somehow get him. pryor snubbed kelly before but a chance to start in the nfl week 1 might be too enticing.

        gl to you and see where the draft falls and if the iggles get pryor.


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