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  • G-man G-man Dec 16, 2012 12:10 PM Flag

    keeper league WR question

    I think that Alexander is just going to push the other wr out the way and eventually take #1 from Floyd but as you can see Rivers hasnt been amazing this year, so his production is in the hands of him, sometimes welker hasnt even been included in game plans this year and age, I think the pats want to move on from him, free up salary, draft young i would pass. But if ARI can get a good qb in the draft, then Larry is automatically the go to guy, you just have to see what qb ari would possibly be eyeing out for the position and debate if it would be smart to keep him, id take Alexander or Larry, but id rather have a veteran throwing to a younger wr than a younger qb throwing to a veteran, only because the vet can put the ball in better spots and has experience in the game to put his players in the best situation to win.

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    • You guys are forgetting Philly is changing coaches and vick is available alexsmith might be available for trade.

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      • Yes, because Vick and Alex Smith have been turning WR's into superstars for years. I agree with G-man, wait and see who Arizona gets at QB before making the decision. Welker should not be kept, he was franchised this year and more than likely won't be there next year. He won't go to another team and be anywhere near as successful. And I would not keep Fitz if the Cards pickup Vick or Smith, they better get someone better than that. Alexander will take over as the number one option next year and has the brightest future going forward.


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