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    2013 Keeper Trade - Brees for Spiller?

    I have been offered Brees for Spiller next year PPR Keeper. No Brainer right? But then I am thinking Spiller is bound to get a full load sooner or later with Jackson getting older, then I will have an awesome backfield. Plus I can get a decent QB in later rounds. I get to keep three players, draft position doesn't matter. I will have pick 7-10 next year. Let me know your thoughts.

    My Team (only the keeper worthy options):
    Matt Ryan
    Julio Jones
    Arian Foster
    CJ Spiller
    Rob Gronkowski
    DeMarco Murray

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    • I say it doesn't matter and you should keep Foster, Gronk and Julio anyway. It's a moot question in my opinion. Actually, no. It isn't. You should Cancel the trade so that Brees goes back into the pool so you have an option of drafting him next year rather than having him be a keeper for your potential trade partner.

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      • wait minute...i screwed that up. Accept the trade, then just don't designate Brees as a keeper, if you want . You get my point, I think Julio should be your third keeper and you should either accept or decline depending on who you'd like to drop back into the draft pool. If you want your trading partner to keep Brees, then decline the trade. If you want him to keep spiller, accept the trade.

      • Oh and, Forte at home against GB or Knowshon AT Baltimore or Morris AT Cincinnati? Pick one please.

    • i don't think i would. i really like spiller in a ppr. look at some of the other teams keeper options and see if a viable qb might drop to you in the draft. for instance, in my ppr keeper the same team has both rodgers and rglll. another team has luck plus 2 other qbs on his roster (don't ask why he has 3qbs, i know its stupid) those teams can only keep 1 qb so i am hoping that luck or rglll drops to me in my draft then i can trade brady for a top notch rb or wr.

    • Do it, then keep him Foster and Gronk!


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