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  • favian favian Nov 20, 2012 10:26 PM Flag

    Who To Trade?

    OK, so here is my dilemna, I'm in a 10 team PPR league with a trade deadline tomorrow. I'm 10-1 and in first place so I don't even know if I should even be considering this. But what do you guys think of either of these two trades? They are seriously lopsided in my opinion but which would be better for me:

    Scenario 1: I get Schaub and M. Turner, I give up M. Reece
    Scenario 2: I get Schaub and give up C. Shorts

    My Team:

    QB (Start 1): C. Palmer
    RB (Start 2): M. Lynch, R. Rice, A. Morris, M. Reece, D. Murray, R. Mendenhall
    WR (Start 2): W. Welker, M. Colston, M. Austin, A. Roberts, C. Shorts
    TE (Start 1): T. Gonzalez
    FLEX: (Start 1): R. Cobb
    K (Start 1): S. Gotkowski
    DEF (Start 1) Bears


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