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  • Adam S Adam S Nov 14, 2012 2:01 PM Flag

    Too Much or what?

    whose your other receivers and RBs and TE? Whats your league setup? Is it PPR or not? Give us the info so we can make a better analyzation.

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    • My other RB's are Charles, Turner, Stewart, Ivory, and Wells. My other WR's are AJ Green, Nicks, Amendola, and Lance Moore. My onlly TE is Keller. We do get 0.5 for PPR and we start 2 RB's, 2WR's, a TE, and a flex that can be a RB, WR, or TE. I hope that helps and also my QB is Brees.

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      • Heres how I look at it. Giving Forte away and Getting Graham. If Forte scores say 13(average) pts a week and Turner scores 6(, that means your at a 10 pt difference without forte. If Graham scored roughly 17 pts a week (his average) and Keller scores 5(average) then your +13 with Graham and Turner in instead of Forte and Keller. Therefore this means that if you have Graham and Turner in your going to average 23 pts with those 2 combines, opposed to Forte and Keller where you would average 18. So youd be +5 every week with Graham after the trade. Vjax is a big assett too but I think you have enough WR depth to cover his weekly average each week. The only issue I have with this is that A)Running Backs are hard to come by now days. B)Charles dissapeared for a few weeks there and Coach Romeo Crennell said he "didnt know why" so as long as Charles gets the ball, your good, but if he does a houdini act again, you may be in trouble. Stewart is getting a lot more carries in Carolina but that team is so bad at running the ball it doesnt matter. And finally Ivory is not going to get a lot of carries and especially when Sproles comes back. And Wells, is Wells, he will be injured the game he returns. So if you do this trade you WILL up your average points by +5/week, BUT your RB depth will be depleted for playoffs etc;
        Fantasy is all about risk/reward, this is HIGH risk, HIGH reward. If Murray comes back, this is a great trade, if not, then it could hurt your depth immensely. My opinion? Dont do it just because of one reason: Cutlers hurt, Forte will get force fed the ball all day.

      • If you think you can make it buy the next 2 weeks without murray i dont see him playing until maybe after the thxsgiving game but id jump on the chance to get graham hes a beast vjax is hit or miss


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