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  • Gibbs Gibbs Oct 12, 2012 4:23 PM Flag

    Bad team or just bad luck?

    I would like your advice on if I should keep this team as is and ride it out, or make a few moves. Please keep in mind that this is a money league with friends, and they all have at least average knowledge of FF. I am currently 5-0 in one league and 4-1 in another. THIS TEAM IS 1-4 RIGHT NOW. Sometimes it easier for someone on the outside looking in to see something I may not.

    10 team...1/2 PPR...return yrds 30 per pt....4 pts. passing TD's...6 pts rushing, receiving, returning TD's...top 4 make playoffs.

    QB: A.Rodgers
    WR: A.Johnson
    WR: Dez
    RB: Murray
    RB: Sproles (Ballard this week)
    TE : Hernandez
    W/T: D.Jackson
    W/R/T: R.Cobb (maybe A.Green this week?)
    Greg the Leg

    Bench: Alex Green, V.Ballard, LSH, B.Tate, Britt, Amendola, A.Roberts, Pitta

    I have lost 2 games by less than 6 points...one of them was a BIG management mistake (benched Dez for Ryan Williams @ flex)..I would have won if I had kept Dez in.

    Losing Amendola was a big loss...with these settings he was the #3 WR in points at that time. AJ and DJax haven't helped me out much. I picked up LSH, A.Green and Ballard in hopes they will pan out. Ballard just to get me through a bye this week, and Green to take the flex spot till Amendola comes back.

    I feel like it's still a pretty good team...just not up to this point. Any suggestions?

    Help me out and I'll answer one for you. I am ranked #8 on fandecisions right now...If you don't know about this site..go there after you help me, and thank me later.

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    • For 10 team...I think it's on the weak side, but you do have several RB's who could emerge as quality options in the next few weeks. I like A.R., Murray, Sproles , your bench, if I could get a trade I liked for AJ or Dez I would. Losing Danny does suck because he was pretty steady each week, and your league is 1/2pt ppr. I wouldn't do anything drastic, but if you can work a good trade do it, if not- keep picking up potential off the wavier wire. Also, you said you've lost some close ones, it's week 6, your luck could turn around.

    • I like it except dez hasnt been doing the best this season and i would probably play Roberts over him...but other then that i think injures are just hurting you a bit......help with mine please?


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