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  • Shake Shake Oct 2, 2012 2:14 PM Flag

    Trade offer

    Everyone started as a "no one" at one point or another did they not? Have you checked out Ridley's stats, perhaps McGahee's stats? Ridley is 8th in rb points, McGahee is 11th, and McCoy is below them..in standard scoring settings, so they're not scrubs by the way...Not to say it'll finish that way but who knows. I understand not wanting to give up a 1st round pick and what not but when you're losing every week and don't have a well rounded team, maybe it's time to switch things up, or just continue to lose with your best player. I can also see alot of people are the same who play this game...close minded only looking at the name and not the production on the field.

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    • And idiots look at what has happened in the past, but not what might happen in the future. If you would trade away McCoy for Ridley, then you are a bigger idiot than all of already thought you were.

      So the guy has a struggling team and you want to take the one guy that is most likely to perform during the remainder of the year. Get a clue.


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