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  • John Mendoza John Mendoza Sep 30, 2012 8:56 PM Flag


    First off Jay, I'm not #$%$ and whining about it and I'm not the one involved in the trade. I've gotten a couple of mangers questioning me about the trade which is why I posted this topic. As commish, I want to be sure that both sides are getting equal or close to equal value. I mean hell, if you're basing this trade simply on total fantasy points alone (which is what the manager giving up Peyton is) then Dalton could be traded for Megatron. (Coming into today, Dalton and Manning were close in pts).

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    • I didnt mean to sound rude or anyting, but your job as commish isn't to ensure that people get equal value in their trades. Your job is to make sure people aren't cheating. Simply put, let people determine the value of their own players. Everyone is going to value their plays differntly, so trades that seem "unfair" to you seem like a great deal for the ones making them.

      No offense, but if people are complaining about a trade like this, it sounds like you are playing with a bunch of cry babies. Tell them to man up and offer a trade if they want to make their teams better.

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      • At the end of the day, the only way a trade can be (should be) rejected is if you can prove there is collusion. To be honest, looking at team needs, I think its pretty even in my opinion.

        This moring I traded Larry Fitzgerld for Alfred Morris. Might not look "fair" to outsiders, but I was stacked at WR and was desperate for a RB. Team needs is the only factor that can determine value.

      • My bad Jay didn't mean to jump all over you (like the Niners did the Jets) but most of the league managers have been playing for several years and up until this season this is the first I've been approached on the fairness of the deal for both sides. I can see your point where people value their own players differently and all but it's completely one sided: Peyton for Megatron, seriously? The top wideout in the league being traded for a Peyton?

    • John is a veto nazi.


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