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  • steve cool steve cool Sep 20, 2012 9:10 AM Flag

    Fixing THIS Mess...

    Team is 0-2 and its a big money league...how can I turn it around...I am having trouble getting people to make a deal.

    My Team: (QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, K, DEF)
    QB: Vick, Rivers
    WR: Wallace, K.Wright, Ogletree, Blackmon
    RB: CJ, SJax, W.McGahee, Ryan Williams, T.Gerhart, K.Hunter
    TE: Gronkowski, J.Cook
    K: Henery
    DEF: Seattle

    Considering dropping Ryan Williams and Gerhart for Goodson (for when McFadden gets hurt) and someone else...not sure who though with deep benches.

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    • w0w buddy...u didnt do ur research or had a horrible draft. i would keep Gronk hes ur only solid player. the only way i would trade him would be to get a couple #1s. there has to be someone out there that will have #1s on their bench. use one of ur Qbs to im prove ur WR situation. CJ / Mcgehee and Sjax will be ur 2 RBs and flex. so just work on upgrading ur WR and do ur research each week and look for good matchups on ur D and Kicker. those 2 positions will help u win those close games.....good luck

    • your WRs and RBs are awful. trade Vick for a top tier WR or RB. thats your only option and move available to you

    • That might be the worst WR corp i've seen this season ; \. Yeah its dangerous with Vick but I think Rivers is about the only thing you can maybe give up to help your situation, other than that you basically have to pray CJ quits sucking or you are in serious trouble. Because with him playing like dirt you can't really afford to give up SJax or McG for a good WR. I would try something with Vick or Rivers + Gronk for a top 5 WR + decent TE possibly?

    • Anyone else?

    • How many team league is this? Maybe try to improve your situation w/a trade involving something like Vick/Gronk (call me crazy) for a solid WR/RB tandem? Cook should continue to improve I'd think... Vick has been decent but obviously injury prone. So maybe you can approach someone w/a less than desirable QB/TE tandem? Maybe try to get AP since you have Toby already? Idk...

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      • Yea I think you and I are in the same thoughts. I have a guy interested in Rivers but he refuses to give up anything for him basically. Its the age old trend of everyone trying to get trades for pennies on the dollar rather than understanding you gotta give to get. I know Gronkowski is my biggest trade chip but people are unwilling to give up 2nd Round value for him despite the fact he is a lock for 10+ points a week. It drives me nuts.


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