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  • Jay Jay Sep 5, 2012 1:59 AM Flag

    Just drafted....what do you guys think?

    Just drafted my team. It's a ten team, 2 QB, PPR, H2H league. What do you guys think of my squad?

    Forever 2nd place
    1. (6) Tom Brady
    (NE - QB)
    2. (15) Matthew Stafford
    (Det - QB)
    3. (26) Brandon Marshall
    (Chi - WR)
    4. (35) Doug Martin
    (TB - RB)
    5. (46) Dez Bryant
    (Dal - WR)
    6. (55) Antonio Gates
    (SD - TE)
    7. (66) Peyton Hillis
    (KC - RB)
    8. (75) Andrew Luck
    (Ind - QB)
    9. (86) Jonathan Stewart
    (Car - RB)
    10. (95) Titus Young
    (Det - WR)
    11. (106) Darrius Heyward-Bey
    (Oak - WR)
    12. (115) C.J. Spiller
    (Buf - RB)
    13. (126) Alfred Morris
    (Was - RB)
    14. (135) Ryan Williams
    (Ari - RB)
    15. (146) Kendall Wright
    (Ten - WR)
    16. (155) Mark Ingram
    (NO - RB)
    17. (166) Buffalo
    (Buf - DEF)
    18. (175) Jason Hanson
    (Det - K)

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    • Doug Martin (terrible o-line and Blount is a goal line beast, but may be sleeper?)
      Peyton Hillis (may only get the ball 40% with Charles, but may be sleeper?)
      Jonathon Stewart (2 other talented RB's)
      C.J. Spiller (not starter and he is garbage, small and fumbles)
      Alfred Morris (not starter and Washington RB situation is a mess)
      Mark Ingram (Darren Sproles is PPR champ)

      basically RB's are garbage, sorry.

      Honestly, I think you could have been as good off to draft Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, Philip Rivers... then RGIII. he may not win many games (like Cam Newton did) but he will be a fantasy stud.

      u wasted a pick on Luck, u may never need to play him

      WR's are decent.

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      • I agree 100% that my RBs are garbage. I do think Martin and Hillis could be sleepers, but the whole position scares me. It's hard to tell based on how I drafted, but I was really locked out of any of the "elite" RBs, and then how the rest of the draft fell I just wasnt able to land and RBs I realy wanted, as the ones that were available to me I had on my "do not draft" list (Gore, Turner, Bradshaw, ect..). Thanks for the honesty!

    • The fact that in a 2 QB league you have 2/4 of the top QBs means you should have a strong showing. Your weak at RB, really weak but have 2 good QBs, solid WRs and a good TE you should be able to make up for it. Plus Hillis/Stewart while not great RBs do get the benefit of PPR but the fact remains you have no true RB1 and may be forced to trade down one of your QBs to get one.