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  • Adam Siepker Adam Siepker Sep 3, 2012 10:47 PM Flag

    I have a New Formula

    Okay everybody, (please read on especially if you are interested in a keeper/dynasty league) I really got into fantasy football this year and I wanted to do a dynasty league...the problem was I didn't know much about how old players were and stuff like that. I started to make a chart of all the people in the Yahoo Rank on Microsoft Excel including
    -how old the player was/how many years they have played
    (fantasy football toolbox gave me this information quickly)
    -their position
    -NFL's rank of the player
    -ESPN's rank of the player
    -Yahoo's rank of the player
    -and even some notes on if the player is injured or not
    Since I felt the official Yahoo rank was not so official since it wasn't meant for a dynasty, I created my own ranking system. I wanted older players to be ranked worse and younger players to be ranked better was pretty much my main goal.
    First, I made an average of NFL, ESPN, and Yahoo ranks so I basically combined them and '/3'.
    I knew that if a player, for instance, played QB, they would have more years than somebody who was a RB. So I gave a..
    QB -- 10 years
    TE/WR 8 years
    RB -- 6 years ...although it could be more or less, this is what I generally thought of their NFL career length to be.
    So I took that players "position number" and divided it by 2 so if a player was over half way done with their career their rank would go down. I then subtracted their experience years from that number.
    Here is our equation so far.... "Position Number"/2+-"Experience Years"
    (you have to type in the +- thing so Microsoft excel or whatever program you have doesn't get mixed up)
    After that, I multiplied that number by the average rank.
    Let's give an example so far. We have somebody who is rated
    ESPN - 40
    NFL - 60 the person has 2 years of experience and is a TE. The position number would be 8 for TE
    sooo..... (8/2+-2)x50 (=100) I divided the number by 10 because it would cause players who are not as good to move around in rank more. This would be helpful because players who are ranked #2 and #3 aren't as likely to move ranks if they gain a few yards as #149 and #150 would be. So the current equation= ("Position Number"/2)x Avg. Rank / 10 That would give us a smaller number if the player was really good and a bigger number if they weren't as good. (This number is also could be negative which is good because I want players to be able to go down in rank.) This current number is the number of change so the final piece of the puzzle to get the players' keeper league rank is to take that number and subtract it from the AVG. Rank.


    This is now called the ADAMS KEEPER EQUATION or "AKE"
    It took me about a week of thinking to finally create this equation.

    Another great and simple equation to do after that is to take your sites NFL draft rank and divide it by "AKE", it should give you a number generally between .5 and 2. The higher the number the better the pickup is.
    For example, players site rank - 20 AKE - 15
    The "ASE" (Adam's Steal Equation) wold be 20 / 15 which is 1.333 etc. I consider anything over 1.2 good and 1.35 great. It took me about 2.37 seconds of thinking to finally create this equation.

    For some help if you try to do these equations at all, to find a players name (when finding stats on a site) press ctrl + f , that will give you a box where you can type in anything and it will find it if it is there. I printed off the custom cheatsheet and I think I have a phenominal team this year for a keeper league.
    It includes Matt Ryan, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, Mike Williams, Jermichael Finley, Arian Foster, Doug Martin, and some others, I still had 10 people in the league and I had the 3rd pick.

    Thank you to all who read this important "atleast to me" article. And if you have any questions....google it.... or you can ask me I guess.
    Feel free to use the equations, but please remember the acronyms (because they are awesome)!!! If you think it is worth it, tell your fantasy football friends or something! Feel free to leave comments, also.

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