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  • John G John G Sep 2, 2012 8:50 PM Flag

    Is my team a Top 4 team?

    They're on the same team. So what?

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    • You dont want two wrs on the same team.

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      • without an explanation, that's a totally useless bit advice. assuming that your reasoning is that if the qb goes down, two wrs go down with him. that's not a totally invalid argument, but it only holds true so far. here's what i mean: if you're afraid you might lose some cash from your pants pocket...and you want to minimize your risk...which would you rather have: one twenty dollar bill, or two ten dollar bills? the best answer is: THERE IS NO BEST ANSWER. with the one twenty dollar bill...you lose everything if you lose one bill. If you go with the two tens...and you lose one bill, you've only lost ten dollars...not the entire twenty. The only problem with this, is that you now have twice as many bilss and twice as many chances to lose at least ten dollars. in the end, you have to decide...to you prefer two wrs on one team, w/ one qb...with only one qb to worry about getting injured or not performing well, or two wrs with two different qbs...where you don't lose the value of both wrs if one qb goes down..BUT...you now have twice as many qbs to worry about being injured. think about it.

    • Maybe it's just me but I worried that if somehow the falcons offense was shut down, it takes care of 2/3 WR I play each week. Then again, they're both so talented and could easily be top 5 WR. It's really risky which is why I considered trading them. What do you think of that situation and my team though?


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