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  • The Real AP The Real AP Aug 30, 2012 2:53 PM Flag

    HUGE AP trade, am I paying too much?

    Listen to my advice only please. If someone is willing to trade Adrian Peterson that means they are pretty stupid your best play is to wait. The worst thing you can do is trade before the season starts because your admitting that you have a lack of drafting skills and you don't have confidence in your team and either way that is no way to start a season. Your best play here is to wait until at least week 1 or 2 so you can gauge Peterson's comeback as of now you would be trading 3 #1 starters and Austin is injured has not played all pre season and CJ Spiller is a backup to Fred Jackson who knows how much he will get the ball. If you wait until week 1 you will have a better idea and who knows maybe after a few days the guy will get real pathetic and desperate and offer you more. PLEASE JUST WAIT ITS WAYYYY TO EARLY SOME PEOPLE HAVE NOT EVEN DONE THEIR DRAFT YET AND YOUR TRYING TO MAKE BLOCKBUSTER TRADES.

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    • I appreciate the comment....but this guy sent me the trade, I feel my team is solid just from the draft. but its hard not to consider a trade for Adrian Peterson IMO.

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      • I drafted Peterson on my team and I believe he is going to have a great season but lets be honest, how many times do you think the Packers will be inside the 10 yard line this season? a lot and guess who is their #1 running back Benson, not to mention they are cutting starks. Secondly your getting Miles Austin who last year was injured and has not played this year due to the same injury in the last 6 weeks of the season Jordy Nelson did more than Austin did all season and thats no fluke jennings is getting old could not even break 1000 yards last year jordy is rodgers guy in the future look for them to build more chemistry. the worst thing you can do is blow up your team before the season starts and if he sent you the trade that means he may counter again if you decline and make him wait a few more days do not counter him just reject and wait you have NOTHING TO LOSE


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