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  • Josh Josh Aug 27, 2012 9:05 PM Flag

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    That's a fair assessment but the thing i feel with calvin is that he's truely a one man tier - theres no reciever in fantasy land that comes close :/! Where as going with megatron at 5 still allows me to pick up a charles in round two, and maybe a mathews / steven jackson in round three.

    On the other hand i could go with a rice in round one, charles round two and a julio jones round 3. So i guess it comes down to rice, charles and julio - or megatron, charles, mathews.

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    • Yes but his tier is not so far removed from the second tier.... less so than w/ Gronk and Graham. And the second tier of WRs is soooooooooo deep.... unlike with RBs. RBs like Shonn Greene and Peyton Hillis have NO chance to beat Rice or McCoy. But I wouldn't be shocked if someone like Julio Jones, Greg Jennings, Eric Decker, Brandon Marshall, Percy Harvin, Vincent Jackson, Steve Smith, or even Torrey Smith finished the year as a top 3 WR.

    • take rice/mccoy ... they are beast , megatron is nice but those rb are the anchor of teams off in non ppr