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  • Nate Nate Aug 24, 2012 10:37 PM Flag

    Rate My Team Please, Open to All Criticism

    QBs-RG3, Fitzpatrick

    Rbs-Forte, McFadden, Sproles

    WRs-AJ Green, Demaryious Thomas, Titus Young, Pierre Garcon, Mike Williams (TB), Randy Moss

    TE-Kyle Rupolph

    K-Alex Henery

    DEF-Baltimore, Denver

    The Obvious Things: Had to roll the dice on RG3 as there was not much else available when I drafted him in the 4th after Forte, DMC, and Green. I didn't realize I had only drafted three running backs til after the draft was over (blame the booze for that) and went heavy on receiver. Sacrificed on TE in hopes I can bounce around a few players once the season starts. Any other thoughts out there?


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