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    Answering all questions!!

    ask away

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    • i feel like my team is not that great so just wanted ur opinon on what u think

      12 Team ppr

      1.Philip Rivers(SD - QB)
      2.LeSean McCoy(Phi - RB)
      3.Jay Cutler(Chi - QB)
      4.Julio Jones(Atl - WR)
      5.Jamaal Charles(KC - RB)
      6.Percy Harvin(Min - WR)
      7.Fred Davis(Was - TE)
      8.Doug Martin(TB - RB)
      9.Roy Helu(Was - RB)
      10.Chicago(Chi - DEF)
      11.Jared Cook(Ten - TE)
      12.Titus Young(Det - WR)
      13.Coby Fleener(Ind - TE)
      14.Michael Crabtree(SF - WR)
      15.Ryan Williams(Ari - RB)
      16.Donald Brown(Ind - RB)
      17.Danny Amendola(StL - WR)
      18. Alex Henery(Phi- K)

    • My league is playing with a keeper from round 3 or higher for the first time this year. The only guy I've got worth considering is Brandon Marshall. Is it worth trading in my 4th pick for him, or should I gamble and start with a fresh slate?

    • 10 team dynasty trade... Who wins:
      A gets Turner, S. Johnson, Schaub
      B gets Julio, R. Williams and possibly Bradford

    • what do u think of rb forte rb ridley rb d martin bucs wr b marshall wr r.meacham te v.davis wit brady at qb texans n sea bass

    • Olsen or Tamme?

    • How rocky was this draft, and what should I look at doing with this team now...?

      8 team, ppr, non keeper, 6 pts for all touchdowns, 20 yards per passing point

      Picked 8th out of 8, so didn't have the best options (Nojo) unless I wanted to reach

      I might look into trading Vick, grabbed Rivers as injury backup anyway, and got a solid round on him, plus prevented someone from getting him as qb1

      What are your thoughts about Matthews? I could probably get him for less than Vick even, but I'm shaky on his stance...

      1. (8) Maurice Jones-Drew
      (Jac - RB)
      2. (9) Jimmy Graham
      (NO - TE)
      3. (24) Andre Johnson
      (Hou - WR)
      4. (25) Roddy White
      (Atl - WR)
      5. (40) Michael Vick
      (Phi - QB)
      6. (41) Jamaal Charles
      (KC - RB)
      7. (56) Vincent Jackson
      (TB - WR)
      8. (57) Philip Rivers
      (SD - QB)
      9. (72) Beanie Wells
      (Ari - RB)
      10. (73) Dwayne Bowe
      (KC - WR)
      11. (88) C.J. Spiller
      (Buf - RB)
      12. (89) Roy Helu
      (Was - RB)
      13. (104) Santana Moss
      (Was - WR)
      14. (105) Michael Bush
      (Chi - RB)
      15. (120) Stephen Gostkowski
      (NE - K)
      16. (121) LeGarrette Blount
      (TB - RB)
      17. (136) Andrew Luck
      (Ind - QB)
      18. (137) New York
      (NYJ - DEF)

      • 1 Reply to doyler
      • This is pretty rough, but manageable .What you do now is hope MJD decides to play or gets traded and you had it right with trade Vick. Rivers is capable and Luck may surprise you. I really don't know what to think of Matthews, but I think its better than Mojo because he at least wants to play. So go for it, unless you start 2 QB's then you don't really need Vick

    • ok im in a 13 team ppr league and have the #2 pick who would you pick??

    • Second pick overall advice

      12 team h2h ppr keeper league (6 yrs running). Td's are 6 points passing running and catching.
      I have the 2nd pick. I already have Julio Jones(lose my 5th) and Arian Foster (Lose my second rounder) as my keepers.I got Foster 2 yrs ago in the 6th,

      Rice is going to go number 1, and at 2 I was thinking of taking Lesean McCoy or Aaron Rodgerse

      Scenario 1: Take McCoy and then take a QB in round 3.
      QB: ELi or Rivers (Whom I would get in round 3)
      WR-Julio Jones
      WR- I would use my fourth rounder on one.
      RB_Arian FOster
      RB-Lesean McCoy
      TE-The top 4 te's are kept, so I would wait
      RB/WR: Use my 6th or 7th
      K-Last pick
      DEF-Second to last week

      Scenario 2: Take Aaron Rodgers
      WR-Julio Jones (Lose my 5th rounder)
      RB-Arian Foster (Lose my 2nd rounder
      RB-Use my 3rd rounder-I could get someone like Bradshaw, R Bush, Martin,green, wells
      TE-Wait on one since the top 4 are already kept
      RB/WR-USe my 4th on a RB or WR
      Alot of people hourd RB's so I was thinking scenario one but Rodgers is a big bomber any advice?

    • i have 7th overall in my ppr 10 team league. i am going to take megatron at 7..wondering if i should take stafford at 14 or chris johnson?

    • Should I trade for anyone?

      10 team league, 1 QB, 3 WR, 2 RB, 1 TE, 1 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 K, 2 DEF

      1. (5) Tom Brady QB
      2. (16) Matt Forte RB
      3. (25) Julio Jones WR
      4. (36) Jordy Nelson WR
      5. (45) Ahmad Bradshaw RB
      6. (56) Dwayne Bowe WR
      7. (65) Peyton Hillis RB
      8. (76) Eric Decker WR
      9. (85) Houston DEF
      10. (96) Tony Gonzalez TE
      11. (105) Atlanta DEF
      12. (116) Jacob Tamme TE
      13. (125) David Wilson RB
      14. (136) Titus Young WR
      15. (145) Rashard Jennings RB
      16. (156) Matt Bryant K

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