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  • Ruben Ruben Aug 22, 2012 5:31 PM Flag

    M.Forte for J.Nelson

    I'm being offered J.Nelson for Forte
    My RB's are C.Johnson, M.Forte, M.Turner, F.Gore, and R.Jennings.
    My WR's are D.Jackson, D.Heyward-Bey, N.Washington and D.Bess.
    My roster positions are 2 RB's, 2 WR's and 2 W/R slots
    Should I do it.....feedback appreciated peeps!!

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    • I think it was a bad move to be honest, Forte has good consistency and I believe he puts up great numbers this year even with M. Bush in the background at RB. I think Forte settles down and performs considering he just got paid. I think that Chicago offense will probably be the best they've had in a while. Even if M. Bush gets some of the goal line carries I don't believe it takes away from the numbers Forte can give you. A ton of talk about M. Turner underperforming this year, I still think he'll also do pretty good in Atlanta despite the critisicm. R. Jennings, looks good in preseason but the future is unknown with MJD. F. Gore is in the same situation as M. Turner in my opinion, might start delicing hard to say. You clearly had good RB's to pick from. If I were you I would of kept Forte and traded Turner, Gore, or Jennings for someone. I don't even believe that J. Nelson is on the same level value wise as a player like Forte. I think had you gone for a #1 WR things change but I believe G. Jennings, J. Finley do fairly good this year, not to knock Jordy.

    • RB's are ok but Gore,Turner, Jennings are nothing to brag about. Forte might get robbed as well because Michael Bush will take goal line carries away and B. Marshall will be the red zone target for Cutler. D. Jackson only averages 3 catches per game...enough said, D. Hayward Bust needs to go trade him, Nate Washington will only be relevant if Kenny Britt goes to jail again, and Davone Bess is in a tough spot with a rookie QB and B. Hartline to compete with for looks. I'd say go for it because you need to beef up your WR with a top 5 guy. You got Chris Johnson as a top 5. Is Peyton Hillis available? Also can you pick up Micheal Bush after the trade? That way if Forte goes down you have the backup on the bench. I think people forget just how good Bush was in Oakland.


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