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  • Cameron Cameron Aug 7, 2012 12:58 PM Flag

    Im in an expert league, help me please, fix this team....expert help needed, who do I add/drop? Please fellas!

    I am in a money league with a bunch of experts...i need to know who i can add on the free agent list to help my team. I mistakenly drafted MJD not knowing he was a holdout...this is my team....it may look ok but there are only 8 teams in my league. Its me against a bunch of experts...help me...who should i add? who should I trade for?? These are my players: QB Michael Vick (Phi - QB) WR Calvin Johnson (Det - WR) WR Roddy White (Atl - WR) WR Julio Jones (Atl - WR) RB Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac - RB) RB Michael Turner (Atl - RB) TE Aaron Hernandez (NE - TE) K --empty-- DEF Green Bay (GB - DEF) BN Eli Manning (NYG - QB) BN Steven Jackson (StL - RB) BN Doug Martin (TB - RB) BN BenJarvus Green-Ellis (Cin - RB) BN Robert Meachem (SD - WR) BN Matt Cassel (KC - QB) BN Peyton Hillis (KC - RB)

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    • dude honestly your teams not bad, even in an 8 team league. In a 10 tyeam league you want 3 studs, in an 8 team league you want 4, and you have 3, so its not that big a deal. You got MEgatron, Roddy and MJD. MJD will play, hes not going to miss out on the money just because he wants to hold out. You got Martin there who I think will do very well, same with Meachem and Law Firm. I think your weakness is RB1 and thats ONLY IF MJD stays held out. And even if he does, youll be ok. Id say just in case, maybe try to get Matthews or DMC in a trade. Trade Turner, Sjax and Eli for a guy like Trich or DMC. Matthews would be harder to acquire. It all depends on other peoples teams, if you want you can post their teams and I will read them all and see what you may need or want to trade for etc;

    • the only guy i would drop is matt cassel.....not sure of free agents......maybe toby gerhart is a free agent....overall you have a good team......vick has huge upside and if he falls flat or gets hurt eli is a great qb to fall back on.........at rb you are fine if mjd signs he will be an every week starter then i would just play match-ups with turner, martin and sjax....even bge and hillis should produce good numbers.....at wr you got megatron, whte and julio that is a very good threesome....te aaron is good

    • Don't worry about it, MJD is still a good pick in the 2nd round, and if you got him in the 1st, that means you got calvin in the 2nd, which is a great pick. Youve got plenty of depth at RB with Marting Green Ellis and Hillis, i dont know why you chose to draft 3 falcons in the 1st 5 rounds, but i like the receivers, Turner is a little risky this year, but as i mentioned, youve got plenty of other options.
      I dont really see any cause to carry Matt Cassel in an 8 team league, and you already have 2 MUCH better QBs, Drop cassel for some receiver help. I'm thinking Nate Washington is likely available in an 8 team league, maybe DHB or Greg little or Lance moore, if he's not. Since you claim these guys are "experts" i cant imagine they overlooked someone like Decker or A Brown, but if they did, thats your guy

    • help please!


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