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  • Connor Mennaman Connor Mennaman Jun 29, 2012 5:49 AM Flag

    Helu, Jonathan Stewart, Spiller, or Meachem

    Spiller and Stewart for me, please. There are reports that Tim Hightower will get the nod to be the starter in week 1 over Helu even though Helu showed flashes of brilliance near the end of the season after Hightower went down due to injury. I agree Helu has major upside but Hightower is the superior pass blocker which means he'll get 3rd down duties. Also remember the Shanahanigans we all went through last year where we didn't know which RB would get the start each week. The carousel of Hightower, Helu and Royster could definitely be back again for more frustration. I'd take spiller because he is supposed to be splitting carries with Fred Jackson, who is 31 now mind you. He doesn't have that much wear and tear on him for being 30+ but it's definitely going to have some affect on him. Spiller will also line up as receiver here and there due to his catching ability and since its .5 pts per reception I give the edge to him. Lastly, unless you have a good shot at getting a solid starting RB in the draft then I'd take stewart. I don't expect Tolbert to have to much of an impact even though he's a short yardage/goal line back. Stewart is the number 1 there and is much more consistent than DeAngelo Williams. The biggie for me here is that Stewart is in his contract year. He will try his best to get that big contract he wants. And if he wishes, he can be a feature back somewhere else next year because he has the skill set to do it, and then he's even more valuable. Either way it's a win-win for you.

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