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  • Anirudh Singhal Anirudh Singhal Jun 24, 2012 12:08 AM Flag

    Rate my Team Please!!!

    (4) Aaron Rodgers
    (GB - QB)
    2. (17) Jimmy Graham
    (NO - TE)
    3. (24) Marshawn Lynch
    (Sea - RB)
    4. (37) Miles Austin
    (Dal - WR)
    5. (44) Percy Harvin
    (Min - WR)
    6. (57) Reggie Bush
    (Mia - RB)
    7. (64) Stevie Johnson
    (Buf - WR)
    8. (77) DeSean Jackson
    (Phi - WR)
    9. (84) Isaac Redman
    (Pit - RB)
    10. (97) Pierre Garcon
    (Was - WR)
    11. (104) Mike Williams
    (TB - WR)
    12. (117) Donald Brown
    (Ind - RB)
    13. (124) Jared Cook
    (Ten - TE)
    14. (137) Sam Bradford
    (StL - QB)
    15. (144) Titus Young
    (Det - WR)
    16. (157) Toby Gerhart
    (Min - RB)
    17. (164) Daniel Thomas
    (Mia - RB)
    18. (177) Nick Novak
    (SD - K)
    19. (184) Buffalo
    (Buf - DEF)

    10 team league
    standard scoring except TD's thrown is 6 points

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    • I personally would give it an A! Sure its risky with lynch and Bush as your staters..but come on...your depth at reciever i give it 3 weeks and people will be offering trades for youe bench recievers..garcon will have a starter worthy year with rg3! your starters are austin harvin and stevie...oh come on now...with DESEAN as your number 4...i would try to trade a wr for some depth at the RB postion..but trust me give it like 2-3 weeks into the season and people will start offering you trades..pretty good draft only thing that could of been better was getting a better defense..but the bills def is a sleeper this year

    • You're season will be dependent on your production at RB. You have an overabundance of depth at WR---Austin, Harvin, Johnson, and Jackson are really all you need. Taking a second TE after you already have a guy you will never bench was just a wasted pick--same with Rodgers/Bradford. I don't think the team is bad by any means, but you are banking on some historically-wishy-washy RBs coming through.

      After you're 8th pick, you had no need to draft any other positions except RB (and a defense). At that point, you should have taken every RB still available that either starts for their team or has any upside.

      Personally, I would drop (or trade) Bradford, Cook, Garcon and Williams and pick up the top remaining RBs in free agency.

    • I don't like the fact that Lynch and Bush are your starting RBs, but I think having an elite QB like Rodgers in a league where passing TDs are worth 6 pts is very smart.

      Also don't like taking a TE that early, even if it were Gronk you took (hard to believe he puts up that kind of production again). At the same time, I like your WR corps and I love Harvin if he can stay healthy. You have decent depth there to be used as trade pieces.

      I'd say your team is above average considering the factors.

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