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  • Bryan S Bryan S Jun 11, 2012 2:42 PM Flag

    RG III or Luck over 3-years

    We have a 3-year keeper each year that has to be outside the 1st round. Which of the 2 rookie QBs would you think is best over the next 3-years. I hope to draft one of them as a backup, and hope one pans out (similar to how Cam Newton).


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    • id,say,luck.....natural,passer....RGIII,aint

    • Well Cam isn't out of it yet, sophomore slump and the possibility it was a fluke and he can't repeat. But in a fantasy stand point there is probably better options for 3 years, you're just trying to get that freak season over consistency. I would have to say RG3 has the best chance to pull a Cam Newton, Luck will have his ups and downs this year with the Colts rebuilding. Having your College TE or "weapons" will not help if their O-Line has holes in it. The Defense being in repair and spotty helps Luck out since he'll probably be whipping the ball around just to play catch up, but that comes with mistakes. RG3 has a lot more raw talent and he can become an elite QB but he'll possibly have more growing pains than Luck will. RG3 will should score more points with passing, and rushing TDs. Btw, I am a Colts fan and for people to say that Luck will be better than RG3 is ridiculous because of Washington or the Colt's "weapons". Washington just needs a QB capable of leading and potential to be a monster which they have in RG3, their O-Line and Defense have been pretty good lately. They will win games and RG3 will probably put up better numbers than Luck in the beginning until the Colts retool from drafts and FA. Luck's numbers will catch up later.

    • Brees*
      E. Manning

      These are all 1st-round QBs that were not worth owning in their first season in fantasy (*I included Brees because he was the 1st pick of the 2nd, which is pretty much the same as a late-1st) . Most of these guys weren't worth owning in their second season either. Newton was an exeption, not the rule. In other words, in a 3-year keeper-league, don't waste your roster spot drafting a rookie QB that you likely can't start on any consistent basis until his third season.

    • luck no doubt. indy's got a lot of weapons!!! look how good they helped make peyton look.

    • luck....no qb will find success in washington

    • Any period over one year makes luck the winner. Luck has a new Tight end with whom I expect an instant connection. That tandem will be just as productive as Manning - Clark.. Coby Fleener will be a household name in years to come.

    • you forgot Reggie Wayne, Austin Collie and Luck has his college team TE as well, the team has depth at RB as well as a decent FB to keep him from getting sacked. Luck will be better 3 years form now than RGIII

    • Robert Griffin. The Colts currently don't have any weapons.


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