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  • RoadRunner RoadRunner Jun 2, 2012 1:13 AM Flag

    Keep Jordy Nelson or Roddy White

    In a 3-Keeper (.5 PPR) money league - can only keep one of each position. I plan to keep McCoy and Romo, but am torn between Jordy Nelson and Roddy White.

    Nelson beat White by 25 points last season in this league and has the better schedule of the two (though White's is not bad either). Also Nelson is supposed to be given more opportunities this year because of his last-season stats.

    White will supposedly be receiving on the outside opposite Cruz this year, and word is that the Falcons are expected to go more vertical under their new offensive coordinator and Ryan will be throwing to them a lot.

    4for4.com, a site that has done well with its projections the past two years, has White ahead of Nelson by just one WR position in PPR leagues (assumes 1 pt per catch) - White's at #8 and Nelson's at #9. In non-PPR they have Nelson at #5 and White at #15. Yahoo has White ranked at #3WR (Julio Jones at #12) and Jelson at #16.

    HARD DECISION! Will appreciate your thoughts. Thanks!

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    • RODDY.WHITE,nelson,is,the,2nd,WR.in.GB!!

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      • Did anyone see this today?
        Roddy White says new Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter plans to lean on the 30-year-old receiver less in 2012.

        We expected as much with Julio Jones taking on a bigger role. It's just surprising that White said it aloud. "We switched some things up," White said. "We are doing the things [Koetter] likes to do. He's a smart guy, and he knows what we do best." White has at least 100 catches in back-to-back seasons. It sounds like he doesn't expect a third year of that. "I know that sounds crazy, but we've got other guys out there that can play," White said. "Julio is going to be a big part of the offense this year. Harry [Douglas] is going to do wonders in the slot. We have to maximize our talent and get the ball in everyone's hands."


    • Keep Nelson over White in non-PPR, and vice-versa. I would even take Julio over White in non-PPR.

      However, why don't you keep both and drop Romo. Romo has been taken in rounds 5-7 in standard leagues, which still leaves him in the 2-4 in a 3-team keeper. Furthermore, I would assume the reason you would want to keep him is because you believe he would be one of the top 2 QBs available. But keep in mind that the owners who are keeping Rodgers, Brees, Brady, Newton, Stafford, etc. are not going to be concerned with drafting a QB.

    • White was the second in the nfl in catches last year and he was way ahead of nelson. White wont be starting opposite Cruz because well they play for different teams. However I would go with white. It is hard to predict touchdowns per year for a player. Not to many WRs repeat double digit touchdowns year to year so it is likely Nelson wont see as many of those this year as last. You may be able to reaquire Nelson in the draft.

    • Roddy White. He's the #1 option on the Falcons and gets a crazy amount of targets.

      Nelson is the #2 option at best on the Packers. Nelson is probably going to see a bit of a regression on the stat line. I don't see Green Bay coming close to the number of TDs they had last year.


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