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  • Charles Charles May 26, 2012 2:16 PM Flag

    Keeper League Big Decision- PLEASE HELP ME, I Appreciate it

    I have been in a two player keeper league now for five years and have a big decision to make. I currently have the second pick in the draft and the person with the first will not be taking a QB because he is keeping Brees, so I am not going to use one of my keeper slots on Brady. so my question is this:

    I have Brady, Stafford, Arian Foster, Ryan Matthews. Do I keep Foster and Matthews and then draft Stafford, or Brady? I know Brady is a stud, but so is Stafford and is ten years younger.

    Also, the guy in our league who has Calvin Johnson is not keeping him because he is afraid of the Madden curse and the guy with the first pick has said he is not taking him. So should I keep Matthews and Foster, then draft Calvin and hope Stafford falls?

    Please give me some advice here, we need to pick our keepers here in the next week, I really appreciate it!

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    • I would definitely keep Foster and Calvin, and I'd take Brady with the first pick. You can't ask for a better start to your draft than a top-5 at the three most-important positions! Then, if by chance you can't get Brady, take Stafford.

    • Ok I am going to do the best I can with limited info.
      QB tds - 4pts or 6pts?
      General Scoring - Do WRs get more pts or RBs Typically?
      Do you have to keep 2? Or can you keep just 1?
      The person ahead of you who is his other keeper? besides brees.
      Is there any chance other teams will re draft? or only keep 1 player?

      So here I go.
      First off I do not believe the guy ahead of you. I would tell every one in my league the same thing - I'm not taking megatron. He would be crazy to not take megatron in the 1st pick of the 3rd rd. He probably doesn't want anyone to ONLY keep 1 player and take Megatron before he can grab him in the 3rd Rd Pick#1.
      When you are deciding what to do you have to separate in to Win now, Win next year, and Rebuild for Future.

      My Choice would be to:
      Keep A Foster (only 1 player). Draft Megatron as your 2nd Rd Pick. And in your 3rd Rd Pick #2 - draft Brady , Stafford, or get mathews back.

      With Foster and Megatron - Literally you could have the Best RB and Best WR.

      If you want to win now or next year I would take Brady in the 3rd Pick#2. Brady could be the #1, #2. or #3 in QB Pts.
      You could have #1 WR, #1 RB, and maybe #1QB. WOW!
      He is a safer 3rd pick.

      You could make an argument for Stafford as your 3rd #2 Pick. it's just that Brady has been very durable. Stafford has not been. The good thing about Stafford is he is young and very good. This is a little riskier , but good reward for Long Term. If he stays healthy.

      Or you could draft Mathews Back in the 3rd Rd. As long as the the guy in 3rd Pick #1 doesn't pick him.

      If someone doesn't keep anyone - you might lose R Mathews. because they could take Megatron and then Mathews. Or someone may just keep 1 player, and draft megatron in their 2nd pick. In that case you can always draft Mathews back on to your team.

      Bottomline is Megatron is better than Mathews. thats your RD 2 pick. And 3rd Rd is up to you.

      Hope all my rambling helps.

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      • Thanks brother, I appreciate it! We actually get to keep two players, not just one. It is not PPR, 6 points per TD, and you get 10 point bonuses for 300+ passing games. Would your decision change based on the new info? Also, I know I can trust the guy in first because he is my brother in law and is a Green Bay homer who always makes stupid decisions on who he drafts based on teams he hates (Calvin). Thanks again!

    • I would keep Arian Foster and Tom Brady. That way you have a top 5 player at RB and QB. Then go ahead and draft Calvin Johnson so you will have a top 5 player at WR as well.

      Stafford is nice and will produce if he stays healthy, but Tom Brady isn't slowing down either and is consistent at a high level. Brady also has a new toy to play with in Brandon Lloyd.

    • I would keep Brady & Foster and then draft Calvin Johnson. I see Ryan Mathews as more of a 2nd round pick.

      The way I see a keeper league is you play for the season you have a head of you. If you keep playing for the future it will be tough to win. Right now Brady is a lot better than Stafford and has a much softer schedule.

    • i would keep stafford and foster and take megatron....stafford is an injury risk.....but you would have the best rb and wr for years and years...

    • id definitely take calvin with the second pick, if i were you, id keep matthews and foster, i think foster is a stud back and matthews could easily develop into a stud back, im pretty sure tolbert is out, who took away a lot of his carries, i expect matthews to have a very good year, i would then see if stafford falls, if not then id still take a QB either 2nd or 3rd round, depending on whos still available 2nd round


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