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  • John S John S May 16, 2012 5:56 PM Flag

    Who would you keep for 3 & 2 years?

    McFadden and Thomas would probably be my choices, as well. Only change I might consider is Fitz with your 2-year, but only if you expect every decent QB to be kept so you'd be stuck with someone like Gabbert if you don't keep a QB.

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    • There should be a few QBs I can get. A lot of the top QBs will be kept like Cam Newton, Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford, Tom Brady, and also possibly Jay Cutler and Philip Rivers. So I should be able to get a serviceable QB like Rodgers, Vick, Big Ben, Eli, or Payton Manning. I have the 9th pick of a 12 team league, with 2nd, 3rd, and 7th picking ahead of me with QBs and maybe the 1st pick also. 11th and 12 picks are people with QBs also. So Rodgers will be gone before my pick but there are others.


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