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  • Big Rizzle Big Rizzle Dec 20, 2011 1:22 PM Flag

    epic final, what are my chances?

    Hell yeah man

    Here is my team in finals
    Stafford (or Tebow)
    S Johnson (or DJax or D Thomas or Gaffney if I pick em up)
    Ray Rice
    Spiller (or Blount or K Smith)
    Detroit (or NYG or I might pick up Jacksonville or Washington or Phili we will see)

    R Grant (or SJax)

    I am projected to win but I am in a PPR so having Rice and now Spiller is key, originally I had F Jones, Murray and Blount kill me with injuries but I have had a very friendly waiver wire, but you can't start Blount unless you think that they (TB) actually has a chance. Blount never gets the ball anymore, Lumpkinn see's many more rep's and as soon as that defect exceeds a TD they quit dishing it Blount's way. I have been hurt nearly every time I started him outside of the beginning of the season. For my matchup I am scared of Gron, I always thought Hernandez was the better player, however Gron is going to get his. Hopefully after last week NE finally realizes what they have in Hernandez and he starts seeing the field and targets more. The only thing that worries me about your matchup is the TE and WR, Megatron is not what he used to be in fantasy because defenses are giving him so much attention. Even though I hate to start a ton of players from same team, I have 3 as of now and did so most of the season with Stafford Hanson and Detroit. I think that Burleson or actually Titus Young has a better chance to put up bigger numbers since they are getting open so often. But AJ Green is a great option, I like Nicks more, he is hot and after last week he will be ready for a huge rebound week. I bet NYJ put Revis on Cruz simply bc of speed and Nicks will see Cromartie will be put on Nicks who is a much bigger WR, I think Nicks is one of the most underrated WR's in the game even though he dropped that huge TD opportunity Sunday, I am still a believer.

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    • What do you think about my lineup? First year player here to be honest, I have done it in the past for free but it was nothing like this. 12 man league pot nearly 2500.....

    • thanks!
      i can't see Vick having a big game vs Dallas so your matchup looks good. Gronk scares the crap out of me, hopefully it goes like last week (part of the reason I'm in the final)
      I'll likely sit Blount as well, lucky I picked up Helu after Murray went down.
      good luck!

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      • Yeah same with me n Spiller lol, I just do not kno what to do at WR as he is stacked, I have him beat at RB and hopefully QB but the TE position scares me and so does Sproles in a PPR. Hopefully, Ingram can come back and mess things up. Who do u think I should go for at WR. I could go with 3 RBs like I have been doing all year with Spiller, Rice and K Smith/D Brown. Or I could leave in 3 WRs as it worked so well for me last week but my depth at the position extends to Nicks, S Johnson, DJax and Thomas. I could pick up most players available and then some, Burleson Young Gaffney....lot of options

        Just worried about me Defense and Kicker to be honest