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  • Alex Alex Dec 11, 2011 8:08 PM Flag

    Best+Worst Moves of the Season

    What were your best and worst roster decisions? Mine:

    Best: Traded Tolbert and Decker to get Fitzgerald and M.Bush

    Worst: Dropped Lynch to pick up Torain

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    • Best: Traded Hines Ward for Marshawn Lynch after the draft prior to week 1 and hanging on to him.

      Best: Traded DHB for Shonn Greene after DHB's only good week.

      Best: Traded Tebow for S Jackson (then started Jackson) the week he blew up against the Saints.

      Worst: Traded Benson for Olsen after Olsen blew up then went to shit. Wouldn't have played Benson but still...

    • Best:

      Drafting Ray Rice over Jammal Charles
      Grabbing Michael Bush/Beanie Wells
      Having Laurent Robinson to fill in for Miles Austin


      Sitting Beanie Wells for his 2 best games
      Cutting David Akers for S.Jankowski (week 11)
      Not Owning a Packer all year

    • I added Victor Cruz, Gronkowski, Gerhart and Torry Smith all on the waiver wire. Guys have been monster for me all year.

    • Best: I gave Blount & Fitzgerald for Brees after week 9.
      Worst: I gave Gates for Sidney Rice the week before Gates came back.

    • drafting ryan grant, peyton hilis, reggie wayne, austin collie,dallas clark, tim hightower, and kenny brittt.... smh

    • best picking up Murray the week of the 234 yard game.

      worst- trading Manningham for B Jax the week he got injured.

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      • 2 good - Traded Boldin for Thomas (Saints) early in season and then gave harvin and forte (2wks before injury) for colston and welker in a ppr league (Harvin has done well last couple of weeks, but I am still way ahead with my 2 than he is)
        1 Bad - forgot to take ap out of lineup this week and had brandon jacobs ready to go (not out of playoffs but dropped me from 2 seed down to 4)

    • Best - Picking up Cam Newton, Antonio Brown, Victor Cruz, and Demarco Murray off waivers.

      Worst - Probably dropping Lynch.

    • * Dropped Santana Moss when he was injured and picked up Victor Cruz

      * Added Reggie Bush

      * The best move I did was I drafted Tom Brady as my starting QB and drafted Rob Gronkowski originally as my backup Tight End but he very quickly became my starter :) Having the Brady to Gronkowski connection on my team is lethal :) They put up huge points for me consistently :)

      I finished our league regular season at 13-1. The only game I lost was week #1 then went on a 13 game win streak. I locked in a playoff spot 3 weeks ago and am the #1 seed going into our playoffs this week. Non-ppr, standard scoring, 10 team league :) Get the belt shined up for me!

    • Best deals:
      1) Traded D Jax for V Jax
      2) Traded Jimmy Graham and Dez Bryant for MJD, Benson (Dez ended up getting hurt; yes Graham is #2 TE but my RBs were absolute garbage before the trade)
      3) Picked up Marion Barber 3 days before Forte went down
      4) Picked up Ben Tate
      5) Picked up Laurent Robinson
      6) Traded Stevie Johnson for D Jax and Holmes (used to D Jax for the 3 weeks he was productive, then got V Jax)
      7) picked up Roy Helu
      8) Picked up Colston off waivers
      9) traded Fitzpatrick for Olsen and Jacobs (have Romo as my starter)

      traded Gronk (that I picked up off waivers) for Maclin. (The guy than traded Gronk for Nate Burleson and Hines Ward). I needed a WR at the time - and used Maclin for the 4 weeks Gronk was basically not productive.

      Overall I made about 15 trades in the league (3 other teams traded, no one else did).

      I took a lot of chances, gave up players who were "projected" to do better than the players I was asking for - but in the end I either broke even on my trades or improved my team more than the other guy.

    • I traded CJ0K for Gronk early in the season! people called me retarded but I had a hunch!

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