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  • Gibbs Gibbs Dec 10, 2011 1:07 PM Flag

    league dispute like input from others

    Dude...you need to spell check you posts before you click "post message". Lots of it is jibberish and your punctuation sucks ass! I had to read this 3 times just to try to decipher what the hell you were asking. Take half the tome you spend on FF and practice your grammar...ask your mom to help...I'm sure she will.

    500 points? What scoring settings do you use?

    Watch this...simple and to the point...no "background" needed:

    Should a manager be allowed to cut P.Harvin if he has someone like Baldwin on the bench?

    The short answer is no...that's why there are "no cut lists"...players who cannot be dropped because no one in their right mind would do so, unless it was to be a dick, make an "illegal" trade after the deadline, or to stack a playoff team.

    Seriously...work on the grammar...for the sake of the future of our country!

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