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  • David R David R Dec 10, 2011 10:51 AM Flag

    league dispute like input from others

    Going by yahoo rules of fair play and sportsmen ship we have a dispute, and i would like input. A little background are league gets points for punt and kickoff return yards. We have q manager who cut percy from Minnesota in week 10, at time of release he was his leading point player in the wr position by 500 points over B. Marshall of mami. The wr on team at that time of release were those two plus M.Austin and J.Badwlin from the chiefs . As a matter of fact besides his two qb, he was the next in line over rb defense or tight end in points on team. He picked up bradshaw from giants who at time was hurt and not expected back for some weeks. My contention you don'te release percy when you have J.Baldwin from chiefs, you are getting rid of a person who can have a impact on the team who is lucky enough to claim him when he clears waviers. Now remember yahoo rules of fair play and sportsman ship says any transactions must benfit your team . And if league thinks other wise we can dispute a transaction that one feels does not meet yahoo rules. Can I have input please from others thanks.

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    • idk dude. It's just fantasy football. One manager making one dumb move should not ruin your season. He probably player dumped, but you can argue that he is just an idiot and thought that was the best interest of his team. I usually have multiple league for this reason, so that if a few of them people screw around I can at least have fun in the other ones.

    • Sounds like your league has real issues. Sorry for you!

    • Okay, you need to learn to write more clearly. I do not really understand what you're trying to say regarding the time of the drop. Did he drop Harvin this week or in week 10? If so, why does it matter now, it's week 14.... Regardless, I don't think Harvin should have been dropped, but to be fair, Harvin was an unreliable starter before week 10, so maybe this guy thought dropping him for Bradshaw was a good idea. Maybe the manager is new to fantasy football, and doesn't do any research...who knows? I've seen a lot of stupid mistakes from new players, so nothing surprises me at this point.

      I have a guy in my league who stopped managing his team in week 3, and a couple more who have failed to adjust line-ups during bye weeks or account for injured players, so sometimes managers just suck.

      However, if Harvin was dropped this week then I'd definitely argue collusion over stupidity, but it's difficult to tell given how unclear your writing is.

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      • it makes a difference if it was week 10 or this week.
        because right around that time, baldwin was looking promising (that turned out to be a total flop, but he WAS looking good and cassel was looking good at the time, too). anyway, harvin was a bit of a headache for a while there, he's only just recently became a WR1. dont get so mezmorized by his name.............

    • yeah, it looks like he was trying to help a friend with a high waiver position. people call it player dumping, but it is really collusion, and thus against the fair play guideline. if he is not playoff bound, it shouldn't matter to him if you as commissioner put harvin back on his team and the gimpy ahmad bradshaw back on the waiver wire.

      if he is playoff bound or if yours is a keeper league, maybe he thinks bradshaw will help him more in the future, which, while delusional, complicates the issue.

    • If you guys have money involved in the league, then I say he was player dumping and I would protest it. If it is a league just for bragging rights, then I really wouldn't do anything besides call the guy a tool.

    • Dude...you need to spell check you posts before you click "post message". Lots of it is jibberish and your punctuation sucks ass! I had to read this 3 times just to try to decipher what the hell you were asking. Take half the tome you spend on FF and practice your grammar...ask your mom to help...I'm sure she will.

      500 points? What scoring settings do you use?

      Watch this...simple and to the point...no "background" needed:

      Should a manager be allowed to cut P.Harvin if he has someone like Baldwin on the bench?

      The short answer is no...that's why there are "no cut lists"...players who cannot be dropped because no one in their right mind would do so, unless it was to be a dick, make an "illegal" trade after the deadline, or to stack a playoff team.

      Seriously...work on the grammar...for the sake of the future of our country!

    • Definitely dumping a player. There is no reason to keep Baldwin and dump Harvin (headaches or not), especially when you get return yards. Austin and Marshall are good players who deserve a spot on the roster, but dropping Harvin over Baldwin is just stupid.


    • No clue what you are talking about here. I'm lost

    • Commissioners shud lern how tu spelll. :-(

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      • I still have no idea what you are asking/complaining about.
        All owners have the right to drop anyone who is not on the Do-Not-Cut list. It seems your commish changed the settings of the league, but used the default cut-list. If anyone's fault, its the commish.
        And it seems you are asking about a drop from week 10.. it is way too late to complain about a week 10 issue.
        The BIGGEST factor when joining a league is the commish and the settings.. if you do not like either, then drama is inevitable.

        Whether its an emergency, or if you just need a second opinion, See the doctor on Twitter @FFb_Md

    • just kick him from your league. he obviously is player dumping, but its 10x better than him trading harvin to a contender for absolutely nothing.

      also, learn some english..holy fuck are you 11 years old?

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