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  • JRob JRob Dec 6, 2011 3:36 AM Flag

    Fantast Football Rage is out of control...

    Does anyone else feel like they have a serious problem with fantasy football. The anger that I experience when losing is border line psychotic. I am generally a mellow guy but am unable to control myself when it comes to FF. Just wondering if anyone else deals with this?

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    • I feel ya i've been playing FF for 5 Years now, and have never won a title in any of my leagues, even though i've felt that i have had some of the best teams in the league, but when i've lost this season i have really lost it more so than when my fav pro teams loses i wonder if it is a problem that i get so heated when i lose!

    • don't lose and you won't have a problem

    • I feel like that sometimes especially when I am in leagues that have weird point structures that aren't the norm that cost u a win... like a league where 50+ yrd field goals are worth 5 points so Janikowski has beaten me or where yardage is doubled so 20 yards rushing receiving equals one point or 50 yards passing is a point so my game from Matt Stafford was worth 10 points while he had Gronkowski who is a TD machine without breaking 100 yards... so I miss playoffs this year yet I have the most points put up in the league so maddening


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