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  • Jonny O Jonny O Nov 3, 2011 2:39 PM Flag

    Brandon Jacobs

    I picked up Jacobs from waivers in my 10 team ppr league. I have depth at rb and we start 2 with a flex spot. I was offered Daniel Thomas for Jacobs. Should I take it or counter for Addai or just keep Jacobs since he and Bradshaw will be splitting carries?

    These are my backs. RB- Forte, Wells, Greene, Jacobs, CJ2K and Faulk...thanks.

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    • Im currently in 1st place and would love to make my roster better if possible. Ware is still a FA. The guy I'm playing this week has Bradshaw and he is in 8th place. He hs no wr to offer, not one on the bench. This is tougher than I thought....any other advice? Great so far, thanks and good luck!

    • Keep Jacobs and try to pickup DJ Ware. Bradshaw will prob miss the rest of the fantasy season

    • Bradshaw has a broken foot. I would keep Jacobs. Try and trade for the person how has Bradshaw. That may be a better fit. Maybe, you can get a decent WR.

    • to be honest with you, i didnt think Jacobs or addai had any value in 10 team leagues. take Dan Thomas and run.

    • i'm assuming you're benching cj2k and this is for your RB2 spot? Forte is your sure fire #1, wells, if healthy could be your #2 and you should be ok....as for flex, between daniel thomas, brandon jacobs, and cj2k, i'd still go with cj2k.

      here's why: daniel thomas pulled his hammy and bush made up big ground last week. bush will probably see more touches even when thomas does come back, whenever that is.

      jacobs is garbage. even if bradshaw sits, i see DJ ware a bulk of the work (though maybe not in goal line situations).

      cj2k is due. i dont care what all the haters are saying. he'll break loose in the next game or two.

      and stay the hell away from addai. you dont want him.

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      • Thanks, good insight. Forte is my rb1 and wells, my 2. I'm definatley not dropping CJ, held him this dam long. I have a feeling Jacobs may see the goal line but really don't know if I should grab Thomas instead.

      • I agree with everything you say, but I still think its worth him grabbing Thomas over keeping Jacobs.

        That was Bush's only 2nd 100 yard game in his whole career. You cant expect him to do it again. Yes maybe he will get more touches now, but its only a matter of time before you go back to realizing how bad he is and Thomas gets the carries again.

    • Take Daniel Thomas. Addai is useless thisyear and Jacobs gets less touces than Bradshaw.

      Please help me out on "Witten/Wells trade"


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