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  • Michael Bailey Michael Bailey Oct 31, 2011 12:43 PM Flag

    Wes Welker for LeSean McCoy?

    12 team PPR, bonus 100/200 yard rushing or receiving game. After making some savvy trades this is my current line up:

    QB Philip Rivers (have started Tebow the past 2 weeks and depending on how Rivers does tonight may continue to do so)
    RB LeSean McCoy
    RB Matt Forte
    RB/WR DeMarco Murray
    WR Roddy White
    WR Brandon Marshall
    TE Jermichael Finley
    D/ST Cowboys
    K Jason Hanson
    Bench Tim Tebow
    Bench Felix Jones
    Bench Mike Tolbert
    Bench Jake Ballard
    Bench Devin Hester
    Bench Jason Hill (bye week fill in, will be dropped)
    Bench Michael Jenkins (bye week fill in, will be dropped)

    He wants to send me Wes Welker and Delone Carter for LeSean McCoy and Devin Hester. I'm thinking no because aside from the two monster games Welker had he's been pretty average. And McCoy also has the chance any given night to go for 100 yards in both rushing or receiving, adding the chance to get the bonus points. But what do you think?

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    • NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!!!! Answer is NO!

    • Trade Tebow for a good receiver. he is going to get injured and
      some people MUST have him. Find the guy he is out there.

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      • I posted a message about him, but no takers yet. I thought the same thing when I picked him up, but so far not even a nibble. No team is really in that great of need for a QB unfortunately, the only teams whose starters they might be questioning are Tony Romo, Mark Sanchez, Matt Ryan. And baring injury I dont see any of the wanting Tebow.

    • i dont know what "savvy" trades you made, but aside from your 2 rb's, you are UP A CREEK!
      I don't see how you can make that trade cause you dont have anyone on your bench to fill to void mccoy will leave. youre just gonna have to hope that some of the names you picked up start putting out. if you think mike tolbert will put up numbers worth staring, i guess you can do it out of desperation, but between murray and jones your alwasy going to have someone who's unplayable, and neither of them are consistent starts anyway.
      this looks like a good team before the season started, but now its the dissapointing players of the year club.
      sorry man.

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      • Got Jermichael Finley for Fred Davis and Tim Hightower
        and then LeSean McCoy for Santana Moss, Willis McGahee, Aaron Hernandez right before Moss and McGahee went down.

        I never said this was the greatest team ever, I of all people know how bad it has under-performed. I'm in 6th place. Obviously Tolbert isnt getting the start, but I'm not sure why you dont believe in Murray, he looked great last night, Dallas just couldn't run the ball after being down so much so fast, I expect him to still be the starter when Jones comes back. But thanks for the

    • I like me some Welker this year but not for McCoy.

      The other 2 are just add ons.

    • keep mccoy he is stud plus he catches passes you have qaulity wr's so there is no need for w.walker an your backs all catch passes out of the back field

    • No Way, McCoy will be among the top 3 RBs this season, Welker is good but not worth McCoy


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