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  • William William Oct 23, 2011 8:14 AM Flag

    Torrey Smith or Doug Baldwin

    Torrey Smith or Doug baldwin...?

    If WR -Lee Evans stays out, ...........Baldwin
    If QB - T-Jackson stays out, ........... Baldwin
    If WR -Evans comes back soon.......Torrey
    If QB - T-Jackson comes back soon........?

    Im playin both myself this week one as my flex and the other in the WR spot. I like the upside of Baldwin in the Seattle setup. Now if they could only get a QB that didnt suck, wait they do have one but he's the backup and he's starting today against Cleveland.

    Just think Doug Baldwin was a undrafted free agent. His agent shopped him around to 9 different teams. Only 2 said they wanted him to come to a tryout. Seattle signed him before he headed on to the second. Thats a steal of a lifetime!!!

    Good Luck !!


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