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    Fantasy Trade Advice

    Not claiming I'm a guru, but I've been playing 3-4 leagues for 10 years now and consistently have made the playoffs. Currently in first in both of my leagues, and tend to have advice aimed towards ROS as opposed to weekly advice. Feel free to ask anything...

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    • I am 0 and 6 in this league and know that my season is pretty much over, however, i refuse to just stop playing so here is my roster and question

      QB Hasselbeck/Eli (Bye) just picked up Palmer I don't know why
      WR Nate Washington, Greg Little, Doug Baldwin, Julio Jones (injured), Stevie Johnson (Bye)

      RB Jonathan Stewart, Pierre Thomas, Hightower, Jacobs (injured), Blount (injured)
      Who should I start? Also have the option to drop Palmer and pick up Ricky Williams, Tashard Choice, Keiland Williams, Donald Brown.

      I will let you sort through this mess and maybe I will have a chance to at least get a decent score even if I don't win.
      TE is Watson, but have the option to pick up Ed Dickson

    • 16 Team League -- So I have Green, and don't need him, and was offered a trade for him. I'm being offered either Meachem or Crabtree.

      My WRs are White, Washington and Sidney Rice. I'm thinking one of those guys might be a better option than Rice for White's bye week next week.

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      • OK last one...I think a starting RB, even one as pathetic as Greene has been, is worth more than the 4th (or 5th or 6th..Graham, Colston, Sproles, with Moore and Henderson sharing the 4th spot) option Meachem is in New Orleans. If I absolutely had to make a deal with either guy, I would want Crabtree as he's the 2nd option in that offense. However, San Fran is a run-first team that will typically not target Crabtree 15 times a week, but when they face tough defensive fronts, Vernon Davis spends most of the game in blocking. I think Crabtree has potential but Harbaugh had the best QB in the nation at Stanford and he was still a run first, play action kind of guy...Crabtree will lose production once Edwards returns as well.

        My advice, Crabtree is an OK deal but I'd hold out for something more and who knows, maybe Greene has a huge game and his stock shoots up! Goodluck

    • Here I am again, and I love your advice.
      Here is my roster, please set it for me for week 7
      1 QB 2WR 2RB 1W/R
      QB - Tebow/Vick (Bye)
      WR - Calvin Johnson, Nate Washington, Doug Baldwin, Greg Little, Hayward Bey
      RB Ryan Matthews, Michael Bush, Hightower, Hardesty, Blount (injured)
      However you say to play it is how I will play it

      Thanks (currently 2 and 4) lost last week score mine 90.08 his 90.22 Sucks

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      • haha I hate it, I lost my first game in a league last week, 93-92...Just sucks when you lose by so little, doesn't it? To your question: WR1-Megatron WR2- Little RB1-Mathews RB2- Hardesty(if Hillis sits; if Hillis is active, I'd look to start Hightower IF he practices in any manner on Friday and no mention of "emergency running back") Flex- Washington is the safer play this week, but I wouldn't have a problem going with DHB. Carson will throw it deep on the first drive of the game, I guarantee you that...I just don't know if it's going to be thrown to DHB or Moore or Ford...(any coach that trades for Curry and a day later tells people he's the starting LB and then has a retired QB come in for 3 days and is named the starter, you know the guy is a risk-taker...)

    • Would you trade jay cutler and V-Jax for Carson Palmer? I have Shaub already, plus I have Megatron, Dez and Colston. Would you make that trade?

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      • I like Palmer's upside and think he's going to surprise a lot of people, but I don't think he's enough to get rid of one of the game's most impressive physical wideouts. VJax has the skill set to just take over games and with Gates seemingly healthy enough to play, his value goes up. I would sit on it for a week and if you're still looking for a QB, I would try getting Tebow or a guy like Fitzpatrick (a cheaper option) who's got a very friendly schedule down the stretch.

    • Who do I start?

      Percy Harvin vs. GB (Ponder will be starting)


      Jordy Nelson vs. MIN

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      • Nelson hasn't been getting enough targets for me to feel comfortable, but Minnesota runs a lot of Cover 2 which is meant to eliminate the deep pass. I wouldn't count on another 80+ yard td, but Nelson and Rodgers have been clicking since the playoffs last year. I'd go with him over Harvin, it just doesn't feel like Minnesota is using Harvin nearly enough in their offense. That combined with the rookie's first start is enough for me to keep him on the bench.

    • i got offered philip rivers for tim tebow.
      should i definitly take it? my other qb is matt ryan who hasnt been too good

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      • Honestly, it's a safe bet to take the trade and assume that Rivers finishes better than Tebow, but I'm putting a lot of that assumption based on Gates' health. If he's healthy and plays the last 10 weeks, I think Rivers is a virtual lock to finish among the top 8 QB's but if Gates can't go, San Diego turns to the running game more down the stretch. If you're 4-2 or better, I would make the deal and go with Rivers, but if you're 3-3 or worse, I'm rolling the dice and putting my trust in Tebow!

    • I just traded away Matt Hasselbeck and Mark Ingram and received Tim Tebow and AJ Green. Did I win out this trade?

    • Is R.Gronkowski and Steven Jackson for Chris Johnson fair trade? Other tight end is J. Witten. Non ppr league

    • I have Brady and forte, for greg jennings aaron rodgers.

      QB: Brady/Stafford
      RB: Mccoy/Fred Jackson/ steven jackson/ forte
      WR: megatron/hakeem nicks/ stevie johnson
      TE: Hernandez


    • I'd be getting Andre Johnson, MJD, Felix Jones, Kevin Walter and would be giving up Rice, Nate Washington, and DHB should i do it?

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      • Getting two wr's on the same team isn't worthwhile unless it was Jackson and Maclin, so I don't like Walter/Dre combo. I'm not believing MJD keeps playing at this level on a bad team without Rashard Jennings there to keep him fresh (he's honestly the entire team and defenses know it), and Felix cannot stay healthy. Rice is a stud who plays on a team with a lights out D, so he gets a lot of touches a week and is heavily involved in the passing game. I'm not a believer in Nate as a starter but Palmer going to DHB makes him a breakout threat. I think he can put up numbers that Cinci WR's were putting up during Carson's best years (Chad before he was OchoCinco Johnson, TJ, Chris Henry especially), I like his upside.

        Don't make the trade.

      • My team is:

        QB: Schaub, Cutler
        WR: Colston, A. Johnson, S. Moss, R. Meachem, D. Nelson
        RB: Forte, Matthews, Gore, McGahee, Moreno
        TE: Witten

        This is a 10 team PPR league.

        I feel like my WR are weak. I am looking to send either Gore or McGahee/Moreno combo for a top tier WR. What WR do you think I can get for Gore? Or do you think I should pair Gore and either Meachem/Nelson for a WR?

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