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  • Dan Dan Oct 1, 2011 5:40 PM Flag


    My team....

    QB: Romo, Orton, Henne
    RB: McCoy, FJackson, Blount, Benson, Tate (start 2 w/ a flex)
    WR:Nicks, VJackson, LMoore, Manningham
    TE: Gronk, Witten
    DEF: Bears, Redskins

    Any thoughts on making upgrades? My wideouts are autostarts with Nicks & Jackson no brainers unless one of them is injured. I actually like Lance Moore as a possible WR2 now that he is healthy. McCoy and FJackson have been quality starters considering I drafted Jamaal Charles with my #1 pick and he is out for the year. So I really only have to decide between Blount & Benson each week for my flex. Tate is hanging around just in case Foster gets hurt. I have Witten wasting away on my bench because my sleeper Gronk is a fantasy stud this year. I have a starting RB, WR, and TE that is expendible since I have some good depth. My only concern is Romo. It is the only area on my team that could hurt me. Any ideas on some good upgrade ideas? I don't like wasting points on my bench and I don't like being weak in a high point position like QB.

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