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  • Corey D. Corey D. Sep 27, 2011 6:10 PM Flag

    Stafford for Ryan Mathews?

    I was just offered a trade in which I would give up Ryan Mathews and get Stafford, straight up 1-for-1. My current QBs are Roethlisberger and Kolb, while my RBs are Michael Turner, Steven Jackson, Mathews and Ben Tate.

    I'm leaning toward doing this deal, and then dropping Roethlisberger and picking up Bernard Scott. But I'm a little wary about giving up Mathews at this point in the season, with Jackson's injury status up in the air. It doesn't help that Stafford hasn't been able to finish a season completely healthy yet. So do you think I should do it? Also, QBs in this league get six points for TDs and -2 for INTs.

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    • Well...I would say that although Steven Jackson has looked pretty bad up to this point, if he heals up and is 100% I think he is a stronger option than Mathews as your #2 guy.

      Who does he have as his QB's?

      I would probably counter with Kolb/Mathews and ask for Stafford and his #3 RB because without Mathews, and with Foster stealing touches from Tate, you're going to be really weak at RB and I'd bet that there aren't any RB's on the wire who could fill the hole better than what you could get from that guy.

      But, that depends on if he is sitting on three QB's right now...because if he is, he's probably not interested in getting another one back.

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      • His starting QB is Rodgers, but that's the only other guy he has at the position. His other RBs are Fred Jackson, Blount, Mark Ingram and Thomas Jones.

        I'm betting he's offering this thinking that I'll drop Roethlisberger or Kolb after the trade and he'll just pick them up without having to give up anything of significance. I'll try offering Mathews/Roethlisberger for Stafford/Blount. But if he declines that, do you think Stafford/Ingram is decent enough?


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