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  • Matthew J Matthew J Sep 21, 2011 9:02 PM Flag

    Trade Help: Vicent Jackson for Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Jacobs

    This is a PPR league.

    Team A gets Vincent Jackson
    Team B gets Larry Fitzgerald and Brandon Jacobs

    Who wins the trade?

    If you answer my question, leave a link with your question in it and I'll gladly give my advice to you. Thanks.

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    • Even though Vincent Jackson has a better QB throwing to him than Fitzgerald does, Philip Rivers has more targets to throw to(Gates, Floyd)

      Fitzgerald is absolutely the #1 target for Kolb

      This is close, but ya gotta go with the Fitz side

    • I'm going to bring this up to the top just one time to see if anyone else will weigh in. Thanks to everyone who has replied already.

    • I think VJax and Fitz will be very similar, so if you can use Jacobs, go with that side. If you won't, he's a waste of a roster spot, and I slightly prefer VJax.


    • I like the Larry Fitzgerald side here. Brandon Jacobs is basicaly just a throw in, but I believe Fitz will have a better year than Jackson. I am definitely a Jackson believer, I think he could be top-5 this year, but I think there's more to come from what Fitz did last week. Would you mind answer my question? Thanks!

      Okay, so here's my team in a 14-team NON-ppr. Would it be a good idea for me to do this trade?

      I give: Witten, Harvin
      I get: Jennings, Stewart (i know he's terrible, it's just a throw-in)

      Here's my team, backups in () :

      QB Stafford (Kolb)
      RB McCoy
      RB McFadden (Michael Bush)
      WR V-Jax (Moore) (Little)
      WR Harvin (Bess) (Evans)
      TE Finley (Witten)
      K Gostowski
      Def Lions

      I also have an offer on the table that would give me Holmes for Witten straight up. Is either one of these a good idea? Thanks!

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      • In my opinion, yes, I would do that trade. While depth is a good thing, Jason Witten is a starter quality tight end and is wasting away on your bench. Greg Jennings is better than Percy Harvin at least until the Minnesota Vikings start actually using him on every snap. And like you said, Jonathan Stewart is a throw in, but he is also a RB in a 14 team league. You aren't going to find a better RB on the waiver wire. Pull the trigger on the first trade.

        I also like the second trade, but again, when you have Santonio Holmes, that means that one starting quality player will be on your bench. You did not really solve much of anything, just shifted your problem to a different position, although it is a good problem to have.

    • i think the production between vjax and fitz will be pretty similar. I prefer vjax more because of his qb but gates will take away touches. It pretty much comes down to who team b would drop for jacobs. I'd give team b the slight edge (remember that gates and tolbert did very little last week)

      Flex question..


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      • I am assuming that this is not PPR.

        That said, I'm leaning toward Deion Branch. I'm not a Greene fan, and I want to see how the Chiefs use Dexter McCluster before starting him. I would not mind using Darren Sproles, but I'm leaning toward Branch because we saw what the Raiders passing game did to the Bills last week without their top receivers. Tom Brady may spread the ball around, but I think that Branch will be your safest bet.


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