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  • JohnM JohnM Sep 7, 2011 3:22 PM Flag

    Trading Dez (and another WR) for a RB

    I have a lot of WRs on my team and trying to find a RB.

    I offered - Santonio Holmes and Steve Smith (CAR) for Reggie Bush. He declined and asked me if Dez Bryant was available.

    I have Dez Bryant, Santanio Holmes, Steve Smith (CAR) and Braylon Edwards I am willing to trade. He has MJD, LeSean McCoy, DeAngelo Williams and Reggie Bush. I am willing to give 2 WRs for a single RB. If I offer Dez and another WR, which RB should I request (like Dez and Holmes for McCoy)? Or would Dez for Reggie Bush be a fair trade?

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    • My full team is:
      QB: Phillip Rivers, Josh Freeman
      RB: Beanie Wells, Tim Hightower, Ronnie Brown, DeMarco Murray, Kendall Hunter
      WR: Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, Santonio Holmes, Steve Smith (CAR), Braylon Edwards
      TE: Kellen Winslow

      I want to get a solid RB and willing to part with a couple of WRs. Each week we have QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, Flex. I was figuring I only needed 3 solid WRs (and I could pickup a WR backup). If I got a solid RB, I could also get rid of one of the RB backups that I am holding in hope they will do something.

    • My RBs right now are Beanie Wells and Tim Hightower. I also have Calvin Johnson at WR, but don't want to offer him up.

      Would it be better to offer up Calvin Johnson and someone for MJD and use Dez and Holmes as my WRs?

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      • Ah, see, that's the kinda info we need to make an accurate assessment of your trade. Having Megatron makes the debate easier.

        If you really feel you lack depth at RB, you can absolutely trade Megatron and a depth player for MJD. Dez and Holmes will fill the void just fine, and as much as I'm all-in on Stafford this year: he might not stay healthy, limiting Megatron.

        It all comes down to who you're more comfortable with.

    • I got love for Reggie this year (got him in all my leagues as a flex/bench), but Dez for Reggie is a bad idea. Dez is worth more, Reggie is injury prone, the list goes on.

      You say you have a lot of WR's. I'm thinking you haven't listed them all here, because that's not a lot of WR's.

      MJD/McCoy will require more than Dez. Your idea of Holmes + Dez for either is a good start, but I feel you're leaving yourself short at WR. Dez for DeAngelo might also be a good way to go.

    • Your not going to get MJD or LeSean McCoy. If he offers one, take it for Dez and whoever.

      I wouldn't touch Reggie Bush with a 10 foot pole. DeAngelo Williams is a high risk high reward player; just like Dez Bryant.

      If you need a RB, and are deep on WR pulling Bryant and Holmes could pay off, or bite you in the ass.

      I would say keep your team and look elsewhere.

    • You giving too much for Bush if you give Dez....Hell your first trade was too much for Bush especially considering Bush is his 2nd backup

      Plus that's not a lot of WRs that you have or a lot of good WRs...I love Dez and Santonio but Smith and Edwards...Meh

      Who are your RBs?


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