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  • John S John S Aug 31, 2011 2:10 PM Flag

    Need help drafting!

    Depends a bit on how many teams there are in the league, and how many starting IDP spots there are. If you're only starting a token number of IDPs (5 or less), and the league isn't huge, then you don't need to start taking IDPs until the very end of the draft. There is a lot of depth for productive IDPs in most formats, and a lot of players that come out of nowhere to put up good defensive fantasy stats. For a 12-team league, with 5 IDP spots, you could seriously do just fine using your last 5 picks (before kicker) on IDPs, and just replace unproductive guys with guys that emerge in Week 1.

    If you're starting 11 IDPs, then you're going to need to move a bit sooner to secure at least a few guys that you can count on all season. Probably no sooner than the last 1/3 of the draft, unless you're set on getting someone like Patrick Willis.


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