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  • John John Aug 29, 2011 9:52 AM Flag

    Trade question - Keeper League

    I like team A, but not as much as others do...that's probably because I'm not as high on Freeman as others are. Best has yet to prove he can handle the load. Plus, I think MJD is the best player in the deal...and he's only 26

    Team A wins, but if I'm commish I don't veto this deal.

    How many players do you keep? How many teams?

    The number of keepers could make a difference on this trade. If you have a 10 team league and you each keep 4-5 players, then 1/2 these guys aren't keepers anyway.

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    • 12 team league. Can keep 2 or 3 guys. Keepers are slotted. Maximum of 1 player per round tier.

      rounds 1-5 = max 1 player
      rounds 6-10 = max 1 player
      rounds 11-14 = max 1 player

      Player stays in tier once the draft is in place.

      Best, MJD, Welker are all tier 1.
      Freeman, Collie are tier 2.
      Lance Moore is tier 3.

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      • Then it all depends on who the teams already have. This could just be a 1 year trade except for MJD and Freeman. I'm not keeping Welker as a tier 1, probably not Best unless he has a huge season....probably not keeping Moore.

        I think that makes the trade a pretty even one. MJD is the best player, but that team trades away a 2nd rounder and Freeman...seems pretty even to me...certainly close enough that I would not veto it.


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