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  • Dr. Whomp Md. Dr. Whomp Md. Aug 28, 2011 1:13 PM Flag

    could ya rate my team?

    12 team ppr

    QB- Vick
    Wr- R. Wayne
    Wr- B. Marshall
    Rb- MJD
    Rb- C. Benson
    Flex- Benie or Anquan
    Te- M. Lewis
    K- Beuler (didnt know he was hurt--will pick up another off FA when they clear waivers)
    Def- NyJets

    D. Sproles
    M. Williams (seattle)
    S. Smith (philly)
    J. Freeman
    L. Evans
    M. Hardesty

    what would you change if anything--opinions please

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    • opinions anyone?

    • Nice job with the QB's, if Vick stays healthy I would offer to trade Freeman after Phily's bye week (7) and get another premier RB. Solid WRs, of course Wayne's value goes up when Peyton returns. Lewis is a competent TE, but I don't think you should expect a repeat of last years performance. If Wells is going to have a break-out year, it's now or never so there is a gamble there. Hardesty was a rookir last year and was out most of the season so I don't know what to make of him playing behind that beast of an RB Hillis. Williams had a decent year but who is the QB in Seattle? Whitehurst?? Keep him on the bench behind Evans and Smith until Seattle shows you something. Room for improvement but the basics are more than adequate. Wold like to see a stronger group of RB's. 7.6/10. Now go rate my team.

    • not bad. hold on to sproles as i hear he will be doing alot of catching out of the backfield in place of reggie bush. they also said that since sproles usually playes all 16 games he should get to the 70 catch mark where Bush could not becuase he was always injured

    • Looks like a very good solid team. It is difficult to rate or give advice, though, because it would all depend on what the other teams have...how many teams in the league, etc.

    • OH! I would pick up another QB, though. As much as Vick runs, there is a better than even chance he will miss some games this year. He usually get hurt and misses 2-4 games a year. He puts up very good stats due to his running but he gets banged up a lot.

    • I read the first four names and really like what I saw. After that, your team leaves a lot to be desired.

      I don't see Benson having a good year at all. Wells doesn't miraculously become better because the guy they drafted to take his carriers got hurt. Boldin is questionable. Basically, I think you have 3 quality starters when you need 5.

      Btw, DO NOT TRADE FREEMAN. That's horrible advice, considering you have the one QB in the league that you absolutely have to have a solid backup for, since missing 3-5 games is almost a given at this point.


      Now could you take a look at my team?


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