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  • VanHouten VanHouten Aug 28, 2011 1:39 PM Flag

    could ya rate my team?

    I read the first four names and really like what I saw. After that, your team leaves a lot to be desired.

    I don't see Benson having a good year at all. Wells doesn't miraculously become better because the guy they drafted to take his carriers got hurt. Boldin is questionable. Basically, I think you have 3 quality starters when you need 5.

    Btw, DO NOT TRADE FREEMAN. That's horrible advice, considering you have the one QB in the league that you absolutely have to have a solid backup for, since missing 3-5 games is almost a given at this point.


    Now could you take a look at my team?

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    • thinking of trading vick/benson for two solid rb's think I could get ray rice and dmc? or what would I have to offer to get those 2 studs? then I would just go with freeman, The team that has rr and dmc has stafford as his starting qb so what would I have to give for all three?


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