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  • Dave Dave Aug 24, 2011 1:09 PM Flag

    Newbie: How do I pick my bench players?


    I'm new to fantasy football and am picking my team tomorrow.

    How do I decide what player positions I need for my bench players? I understand that I need to consider bye weeks but are there any positions in particular I should be filling with my bench players?


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    • Thank so much for all your advice! Awesome!!!

    • 1 QB back up you want a pretty good one so dont wait til the last minute to grab one incase your QB goes down with a season ending injury then you season is a total loss if that happens (ELI-Freeman) types

      you want solid starting RBs as your back ups ( Benson-Hightower) types

    • RB, WR, RB, WR, RB, WR, QB (Maybe)

    • I"d end up with at least 4 or better yet 5 RB's on your opening roster.... either yours will go down or someone else will lose one.... they make great trade chips... very valuable.

      have 2 QB's on your roster
      1 kicker
      1 defense (late in the year I often add a defense to use for matchups)
      maybe 2 TE's .... but depending on who you have 1 might work fine.... don't draft one too early... TE's (like QB) is deep... 7th round at the earliest...

      I hope that helps... good luck!

    • Don't get a backup DEF or TE, worry about them when the time comes. Don't get too worried about bye weeks, obviously don't pick a bunch of bench guys with the same weeks, but don't ignore talent because of it. People get hurt and miss games all of the time so you'd rather have quality guys on your bench to replace injured starters than convenient swaps for bye weeks. You can trade or work the wire to fill the gaps as needed. Don't draft a DEF or Kicker until the last two rounds, you can't predict how they will do and they aren't as important as filling your bench with good players.


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