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  • Ken Ken Aug 24, 2011 11:14 AM Flag

    Defense Question

    Normally I draft D in the very last few rounds of a draft. In this one league that i am about to have a draft in, the D scoring options have been expanded (see below). I am wondering if it makes sense to abandon my normal strategy of not emphasizing defense, and taking a top tier one (GB, Pitt, Bal, NYJ) in an earlier round (6th? / 7th?) after I get my starting 2RBs, 2WRs, and QB. We are in a 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1TE, 1Def, 1K league, 12 men, non-PPR.

    Sacks: 2
    Ints: 3
    Fumb Rec: 3
    TD: 7
    Safety: 3
    Blk Kick: 2

    0 Points: 15
    1-6 Points: 10
    7-13 Points: 6
    14-20 Points: 3
    21-27 Points: 0
    28-34 Points: -1
    35+ Points: -4

    4th Down Stops: 1
    Negative Yard Allowed: 3

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    • dude, i dont know what your point schemes are like on offense but for your defence those numbers are huge. If your offense is typically normal (6points td, etc) then your team def is gonna make up for a HUGE amount of your overall points.

      If this is true, I would draft an elite team def VERY EARLY. With what you have mapped out your team def has a potential of putting up 40 points minimum on a good day.

      In our league we have IDP's but if you take them away we would on average put between 80 and 100 points with offense if that helps you as a guide as to how much our offence can produce in points. (team def is included in offence)

      last season our def had:

      sack - 1
      turnover - 3
      forced fumble - 1
      def TD - 5

      we have now downgraded our points for def because it altered the score outcome too much and gave the few GMs with the elite team def's too much of an advantage, so now a sack is 0.5, def td 3 etc.

      In short, IF you have normal offensive point structure, then id take eagles/jets in the 4 or 5 round, or whenever you can beat the trend of def being drafted because your team def will single handedly win you games

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      • This is extremely helpful. Thank you. We do have a normal point scheme on offense. The points for D were boosted because the Defense was so pointless last year.

        I am not so keen on the Eagles D, despite the dream team moniker (the LBs are terrible, and the Dline isn't that much better). I am on the fence if I want to go GB, Pitt, Bal or the NYJ...and with how early.

        I have the 4th pick overall.

    • I would, having a strong defence in a league that defence friendly can help win you weeks for sure. I would draft early.