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  • Brent K Brent K Aug 24, 2011 11:47 AM Flag

    Draft help Please!!!!

    last year in our league arian foster had something like 330 points and brady had 275 i think. saying this its much harder to get an elite rb rather than an elite qb.


    your points look similar to ours, and if you have a brady or rogers or rivers your looking really good.

    Id defintaly take an elite rb first and try to get an elite qb in the second rd depending on when you pick. Rb's are so much harder to come by and the fall off from 1st tier to 2nd tier. are huge whereas the fall off from 1st tier qb's to 2nd tier are alot smaller.

    if i had 3rd overall pick, id rather have AP, CJ, Jamal charles, or Foster over having rogers. and in the second round id hope rivers was there, or a stud wr, but because you have PPR you can get away with scooping up pretty sexy wr in the 3rd and 4th.

    here are 2 examples

    If i had a shot at rogers in 1st round and gore in 2nd id jump on it

    if i got foster in the first and the rivers was there in 2nd id jump on it,

    If i was 7th and later in first id take DMAC and then in the second take a calvin johnson or larry fitz if possible, dont take a guy like welker that high, welker has a ceiling, calvin can potentially grab 18tds this year.

    after that, id have to take an elite wr in the 2nd if there was no elite qbs left over and take stafford a little later, stafford will be a FREAK this year if he stays healthy. make sure you take a good backup tho like freeman or bradford.

    in short, dont stretch for a guy like roethlisberger in the second, you can have the same output from schaub or freeman in the later rounds, BUT TRY TO GET STAFFORD LATER


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