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  • Moe Moe Aug 23, 2011 12:51 AM Flag

    Advice on My Draft Picks.

    12 Team League Had 11th Pick Any advice on how to improve team?

    1 Andre Johnson
    2 Roddy White
    3 Bradshaw
    4 Nicks
    5 E Manning
    6 Moreno
    7 Felix Jones
    8 Britt
    9 Celek
    10 Mathews
    11 Braylon Edwards
    12 Grisham
    13 Reggie Bush
    14 Dallas

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    • I think its a great draft for where you picked....your only real weakness is DEF and QB....RB are all mid round guys with upside besides maybe Matthews. TE solid WR great.

    • What kind of fools are you playing with in a 12 man league that allow three top five receivers to go to the same person.

      Is this a money league? If so, I want in.

    • I think the biggest thing you are missing is an "elite" QB. No matter what Eli says. lol You have some strength at the WR position for sure and depth at the RB position. Trade a WR like Nicks with Eli to upgrade your QB and get a WR2 or 3 in return as well. OR trade Nicks with a RB to upgrade RB. I'm not too high on bradshaw or moreno because they wont score many tds........

      look at my thread about Daniel thomas and see what you think

    • Your WR are solid, but QB and RB are very weak ... you should trade one of your top 3 WR to improve at QB or RB (hopefully both) ... you may have trouble getting good value in your trade, since Andre Johnson and Hakeem Nicks slid several picks lower than where they are typically drafted, so your league does not seem to value stud WR ... but you still have to try. I would lean towards trading Roddy White, and target the teams that drafted early (first 4-6 teams) ... these are teams that may value the stud WR but thought it more important to grab stud RB with the first pick ...


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