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    I'm an experienced fantasy football player and I'm here to offer you my expertise.

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    • 12 team Keeper league-
      Players being kept- Foster, Charles, Rice, Mcoy, Vick, Mendenhall, Hillis, Mcfadden, These guys are all being kept.

      I have the 3rd overall pick (I have Foster as a keeper) The guy with the number 1 pick does not have a 3rd round pick becuase he is keeping Rice, You can keep someone for 3 yrs but you lose 2 rounds each yr you keep him, like you keep someone in the 7th you lose a 5th the next yr etc.

      Should I offer up my 1st round and 3rd round for his first overall and Fourth round. I do not have afourth round pick because I am keeping FOster.

    • On the clock, could use some advice. PPR 12 team keeper league, so far I have Brees, Mendy, Fitzy and V-Jax. Who would you grab next, here are the available options to me that I've nailed down: Clark, Witten, Daniel Thomas or Fred Jackson. Could use a RB2, but having an elite TE wouldn't be bad. What you think? Thanks.

    • Here's my team, its a PPR league
      QB Eli, Freeman
      WR- R. White, D.bowe, Manningham, Garcon, L. Moore
      RB- Mccoy, Forte, F. jackson, J.stewart
      TE- Witten

      Should I trade Manningham and Garcon for Jennings and lee Evans?
      I know it will hurt my bench, but a starting WR corp of White, Jennings and D.bowe sounds nice.

      The league starts 2 RB's and 3 WR's- no flex spot


    • what numbers fo you see lesean mccoy micheal vick greg jennings dwayne bowe and ryan grant putting up this year?

    • I need your opinion...Im in a 12 team league that's 1/2 PPR. I have the #2 pick and im really struggling with it. At first I was hoping AP would go first so I could grab Foster but Im now having doubts about Foster with him losing his full back and defenses keying in on him. AP I just dont trust because of the team around him Im worried he may start to slow. Plus the reason I give the edge to Foster is because there are plenty more points to be had with the Texans offense then the Vikes. While I like the other 3 (CJ, Rice and Charles) I just can't bring myself to draft any of them with the #2 pick. I actually love Rice and Charles situation this year but is it a reach with the #2 pick? Who would be your first and second choice and for what reason? thanks

    • I am in a 12 team PPR league, and someone has put Frank Gore and Forte on the trading block wanting a WR. My RB's are Peterson, Mendenhall (keeper), and Hillis (start 2 with 2 w/r flex spots.) I have no strong backups. My WR are Maclin, Bolden, Marshall, and Meachem. (Start 2 and 2 W/R flex spots). The question I have is should I trade one of the WR for Gore to have 4 solid RB's, or leave it as it is? Receptions are .75 per. RB and WR yards are 1 point for 15 yards. I have to start 2 WR's, but have 2 spots that can go WR/RB. My thought was I "could" start up to 4 RB's, especially if they catch a lot out of the backfield. It is a 12 team league so not a lot of solid WR's in FA at the moment. So I wondered if Either Gore or Forte would be worth a Boldin or Marshall to go 4 deep at RB. Maybe I am just overthinking it.



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