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  • FTC FTC Aug 15, 2011 4:55 PM Flag

    Another TE?

    The league I'm in offers a spot for a WR or a TE. I was auto drafted Kellen Winslow who I like but don't love. Rob Gronkowski is available in my league. Should I drop someone like Steve Smith (Phi) or Roy Williams for him? I don't normally carry 2 TEs but Gronk is pretty good. Thoughts?

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    • in my opinion, i like kellen winslow a lot better than gronkowski. the bucs passing game has definitely improved, and freeman doesn't have to many receivers to work with. just williams and winslow, which i GREAT from a fantasy point of view.. if you want gronkowski though as a 2nd te, i wouldn't drop roy williams, he has potential this year playin for the bears.. i would drop smith, but only if you really want gronkowski.

    • S. Smith is gonna be out for at least a couple wks but, i am not a huge fan of pats te/recievers Brady like brees spread it around & play matchups so well 1 week u get tons of pts & next wk almost none...

    • Yeah i would do just that, gronk had 10 TD's last year, steve smith doesnt even have a return date with his injury and roy williams is a lazy over rated bum who is playing for a terrible QB and a terrible offensive team (whens the last time the bears had a good WR?)


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