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    Expert Advice

    Ask any fantasy football related question and I will give you hopefully the answer you are looking for. I will be very critical of your team if you ask me to rate it though, which I believe is what you are looking for.

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    • Can you take a look at my post and critique my team plz?

      "First draft...Rate plz"

    • Matt ryan for Daniel Thomas in a PPR Dynasty League.
      I have Rodgers/Orton and Ingram/Forte/Moreno/BGE/Torrain. standard scoring besides .5pt per catch.

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      • Assuming you are trading away Ryan, I would take this deal. You have absolutely nothing to worry about as Rodgers will start every game for you. I like Forte in a PPR league but I am really nervous about your running game. I think you have to make this deal and play the matchups on a week by week basis. I don't see one guy here that is going to carry the load for you. Do you have absolutely stud WRs?

    • Who do you like to take with the 3rd pick of a ppr, 6 points for any TD 8 team league. Charles, Rice, CJ2K. I was thinking Rice but just want another opinion

    • 10 teams, h2h, ppr, 6 pts for TDs with QB,RB,WR, and TE Pick #2-this is also an IDP league, which I didn't include the IDP Players.

      QB Shaub (4) QB Flacco (7) RB Rice (1) RB S Jax (3) WR Nicks (2) WR Jennings (5) TE Witten (6) W/R/T Collie (8) DEF New Orleans K Josh Brown BN Moreno (9) BN Sproles (12) BN Harvin (11) BN Amendola (13) BN Owen Daniels (10) BN Hasselbeck

      Rate plz. Thx in advance

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      • QB: 7/10 I like Shaub and Flacco, but I don't know if they can keep pace with the likes of Rodgers and Rivers

        RBs: 8/10 I love the combination of Rice and S. Jax, especially if this is a ppr league. Sproles is a decent 3rd, hate Moreno

        WRs: 9.99/10 Collie is the only reason this is not a 10. I love Nicks, I love Jennings, I love Amendola, and Harvin(when Healthy} can produce.

        Rest: 7/10 Nothing Bad, Nothing Great.

        Overall: 8/10

    • Had my draft just wanna see what you would rate it and where I could improve it...I have been trying to trade for an "elite" QB..just wanna know if I should stick with what I have...10 person non ppr league with 1 flex spot. Thanks!
      QB Josh Freeman
      WR Miles Austin
      WR Brandon Marshall
      WR Mike Williams *TB
      RB Arian Foster
      RB Rashard Mendenhall
      TE Kellen Winslow
      W/R/T Michael Turner
      K Mason Crosby
      DEF Philly

      WR Mike Thomas
      WR Kenny Britt
      WR Sydney Rice
      WR Jacoby Ford
      TE Chris Cooley
      RB Willis Mcgahee

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      • I have no problem with you keeping Freeman, he has shown signs of great talent. I'm not sold on your WRs but they could all prove to be really good. The strength of your team is clearly your RBs. It looks like you spent 3 of your top 4 picks on RBs and that is not a bad thing. I believe they will give you a chance to compete although I would be a little concerned when Foster decides to get hurt. Overall I give your team an 8/10

    • 2 man keeper league
      I have Arian Foster, Aaron Rodgers, & Andre Johnson can only keep 2! I have alot of experience & consider myself an expert as well.... came off a 13-1 season and lost in the playoffs but, even with experience so like hearing varying opinions!
      Obviously I'm trying to get the best value in a trade but who would you trade, why & what do you think is a good deal is for a 2 team league
      & FYI, not a PPR league, and passing TD's are 6 pts...

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      • Wow, tough decision. I would most likely keep Foster and Johnson. I just feel that there are so much depth at QB that you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to hold both Foster and Johnson. Plus, every week one of them will get more opportunities, in a loss Johnson will get more shots and when they are winning Foster will get more carries.

    • Haha, my bad. I was correct. I was wondering where all of your top picks went other than Rodgers.

    • just drafted, how's it look?
      14 team h2h ppr .5 per and return yards 10 yards per point.
      qb- big ben
      wr-jennings, garcon, mariani
      rb- peterson, gore
      te-dallas clark
      flex-jacoby ford
      def- packers
      bench-stefan logan, larod stephans-howling,ryan fitzpatrick(auto picked), jered cook, deji karim, carson palmer...

    • This was my first live in person draft, it was NOT snake draft and i had pick 6 in every round of an 8 team h2h league it is NOT a PPR league (#) is the round i drafted them. Thanks

      QB Peyton Manning (2)
      QB Matt Ryan (6)
      WR DeSean Jackson (3)
      WR Anquan Boldin (5)
      WR Julio Jones (9)
      RB Ray Rice (1)
      RB Peyton Hillis(4)
      TE Jimmy Graham (14)
      W/R Mike Tolbert (15)
      W/R Cedric Benson (7)
      W/R/T Ryan Williams (11)
      W/R/T Percy Harvin (8)
      K Alex Henery (19)

      Kevin Kolb (13)
      Roy Williams (12)
      Lance Moore (17)
      Reggie Bush (16)
      Thomas Jones (18)
      Titus Young (20)

      Please rate my team, thank you

    • 10 team PPR league with ret yds

      Pick (6)

      Chris Johnson(Ten - RB)


      Roddy White(Atl - WR)


      Matt Forte(Chi - RB)


      Wes Welker(NE - WR)


      Vernon Davis(SF - TE)


      Daniel Thomas(Mia - RB)


      Percy Harvin(Min - WR)


      Green Bay(GB - DEF)


      Tony Romo(Dal - QB)


      A.J. Green(Cin - WR)


      Jordy Nelson(GB - WR)


      DeMarco Murray(Dal - RB)


      C.J. Spiller(Buf - RB)


      Beanie Wells(Ari - RB)


      Ronnie Brown(Phi - RB)


      Steve Smith(Phi - WR)

      Just piled on rbs and wrs at the end and will wait till rosters become more clear and grab a K and 2nd Qb (Lots of TE left after they flew off early) THANKS!!

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