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    Answering Questions for 15 mins.

    Two time champ here to answer questions...

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    • soes the auto draft only choose spots I need from my fav players list??

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      • Auto draft goes off the first on the list or available. Auto draft isnt too bad, I've missed a draft before in basketball and wound up with a decent team, obviously I had to make trades and stuff but overall auto draft does a decent job of picking the best players available. But be a real player and draft your own team if you can. If not, hope for the best and use the free agent list.

    • I'm very strong at WR but am lacking a little at RB and feel I should trade. Here's WR and RB groups, let me know what you think:
      WR: Andre Johnson, Roddie White, Wes Welker, Steve Breaston

      RB: Steven Jackson, Joseph Addai, Felix Jones, Brandon Jacobs, Ryan Williams

      I'm thinking I should try and trade Welker for someone like Shonn Green. Who do you think I could ask for?

    • who to keep

      QB, QB, WR, WR, WR, RB, RB, RB, TE, TE, W/R/T, W/R/T, Q/W/R/T, Q/W/R/T, K, K, scoring favors rb and rec more than qb's 4ppt and 6 for rushing td and rec td .75for receptions 8 man league next to the player was the round the guy was drafted in i was think peterson forte steven jackson and hakeem nicks but would like some input

      QB Tony Romo 2
      QB Mark Sanchez 8
      QB Matthew Stafford 4
      QB Alex Smith 11
      QB Vince Young 10
      QB Matt Leinart 9
      WR Hakeem Nicks 20
      WR Dez Bryant 13
      WR Mike Sims-Walker 12
      WR Devin Hester 14
      RB Adrian Peterson 1
      RB Steven Jackson 3
      RB Matt Forte 6
      RB Knowshon Moreno 7
      RB Jahvid Best 5
      TE Heath Miller 15

    • I have Jets D so good there but had to settle for Freeman for QB... Couldn't believe how early people drafted QB's. I would definitely choose Charles with 3rd pick, no question. I think I'd even choose him over AP, Charles is going to BLOW UP this year. Alas, I was 9th pick out of 10 so no chance at any RB's but did pretty well on receivers :)

    • Its all good. I had one good back last year to start. I grabbed Hillis off FA list in week 4 or 5. I had decent backs McCoy, Turner, picked up Blount when he went beasting. I had Charles and Hillis carry me. Defense and special teams are big too. Teams like Philly and Green Bay can get you 15-20 pts some week. There's alot to pay attention too.

    • Blow me

    • Yeah your good at WR and TE.. Those dudes get red zone looks all day and are the go to guys. Your good as long as you have a decent qb and Defense. RB's are a dime a dozen. If I had the 3rd pick, I'd be hesitant to take CJ1K right now over Charles.

    • Both were gone before my pick. In fact, Rodgers was the first pick of the draft... I went AJ with my first and Roddie with the follow up. The best RB's were already taken and I felt Roddie was more valuable than Mcfadden or McCoy.

      Vick will definitely get injured but will probably be worth it. He carried my ass a few games last season. I actually won my league last year, first time playing so I'm not completely lost but I just feel funny only having one really solid back. I think Jacobs can help with red zone plays and hoping Felix will be big this year, just wanted another opinion on the matter :)

    • give me a break loser

    • Yep, you gotta go for the best player available. If I was 9th or 10th, I'd probably take Rodgers and a WR right after him. Vick and Rodgers will be gone by either end of first round or being of second in most 10-12 team leagues. NFL is QB driven and Vick is a QB/RB... but could get injured.

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