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  • JAG JAG Aug 11, 2011 12:38 AM Flag

    Answering Questions for 15 mins.

    Two time champ here to answer questions...

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    • i need wr tell me any wr to get heres my team we start 2 qb 3 wr 2 rb 1 te 1 flex
      qb phillip rivers
      qb kevin kolb
      wr marquise colston
      wr dez bryant
      wr julio jones
      rb adrian peterson
      rb rashad mandenhaal
      te antonio gates
      flex darren mcfadden
      bn mark ingram
      bn cedric benson
      bn hines ward
      bn malcom floyd
      bn rob gronkowski
      what wr should i get and who should i give up and if i need anything else, let me know

    • Hah, that's a much better RB situation than I'm in at the moment. Turner is a lot better than decent ;) Agree on defenses value and the Jets are pretty solid. I was about to get Pitts but it got picked RIGHT before my turn :| No special teams so don't have to worry about that.

      It just seems like RB workhorse teams usually win and they certainly carried me to victory last season but I have heard of people winning with WR dominant teams so maybe I can do that with this team...otherwise, this won't be my only team and you can't win them all haha

    • I'm out.. Good luck.. I am sure I'll seeing you guys on the posts once the season gets started. Can't believe I'm happy to see some preseason football tomorrow. Can't wait for the season to start now all this contract crap is done.

    • Its all good. I had one good back last year to start. I grabbed Hillis off FA list in week 4 or 5. I had decent backs McCoy, Turner, picked up Blount when he went beasting. I had Charles and Hillis carry me. Defense and special teams are big too. Teams like Philly and Green Bay can get you 15-20 pts some week. There's alot to pay attention too.

    • Both were gone before my pick. In fact, Rodgers was the first pick of the draft... I went AJ with my first and Roddie with the follow up. The best RB's were already taken and I felt Roddie was more valuable than Mcfadden or McCoy.

      Vick will definitely get injured but will probably be worth it. He carried my ass a few games last season. I actually won my league last year, first time playing so I'm not completely lost but I just feel funny only having one really solid back. I think Jacobs can help with red zone plays and hoping Felix will be big this year, just wanted another opinion on the matter :)

    • Yep, you gotta go for the best player available. If I was 9th or 10th, I'd probably take Rodgers and a WR right after him. Vick and Rodgers will be gone by either end of first round or being of second in most 10-12 team leagues. NFL is QB driven and Vick is a QB/RB... but could get injured.

    • I have Jets D so good there but had to settle for Freeman for QB... Couldn't believe how early people drafted QB's. I would definitely choose Charles with 3rd pick, no question. I think I'd even choose him over AP, Charles is going to BLOW UP this year. Alas, I was 9th pick out of 10 so no chance at any RB's but did pretty well on receivers :)

    • Yeah your good at WR and TE.. Those dudes get red zone looks all day and are the go to guys. Your good as long as you have a decent qb and Defense. RB's are a dime a dozen. If I had the 3rd pick, I'd be hesitant to take CJ1K right now over Charles.

    • soes the auto draft only choose spots I need from my fav players list??

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      • Auto draft goes off the first on the list or available. Auto draft isnt too bad, I've missed a draft before in basketball and wound up with a decent team, obviously I had to make trades and stuff but overall auto draft does a decent job of picking the best players available. But be a real player and draft your own team if you can. If not, hope for the best and use the free agent list.

    • give me a break loser

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